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February 22nd, 2005 · 4 Comments

Scurvy Friends

This past weekend Mike was in the area for a family birthday and he came into the city. We met up for lunch and then I tagged along with him for a few hours while he took photographs around Bucktown, Wicker Park, East Village and Ukrainian Village. It’s always eye-opening to walk around streets you’ve been down a million times, but to do it with someone new who’s seeing it for the first time.

When we were walking down Chicago we stopped in at Rotofugi and I couldn’t pass up buying this shirt. Now all I need are the Scurvey Friends “Cuddlers.” Rotofugi is a great store. Lots of great toys for big people. I could spend a lot of money there. Kirby, who owns Rotofugi with his wife, came to one of our Chicagoist happy hours and I stalked him once in the subway, but I didn’t see him there on Saturday.

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  • revise cmw

    thank you for the mention in about my solo show.

  • Magdalene


    What settings did you use on your camera to take the photo in the bar of the neon light? I really enjoyed seeing your pictures, but would love to see the settings for all the night time shots.

    Thanks, Magdalene

  • rotokirby

    Alas, Rachelle, we were out of town at the American International Toy Fair (lotsa photos on our forums)…sorry we missed you. Good choice on the shirt though!

  • Daniel L. Daniels

    Heeeyyyyy how can I buy that shirt…you’re not offering it for sale, you’re just showing us a tantalyzing picture of your kick-ass new shirt and you’re not even telling us common people how we can acquire it.

    To hell with you sir!

    Dan Daniels

    I Love You

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