I saw nothin!

February 22nd, 2005 · 7 Comments

Tonight we ordered from Penny’s for dinner and while I was signing the credit card receipt, the delivery guy’s car was stolen. That’s right, right in front of my house. He’d left the car on while he brought the order to my door.

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  • Joe^2

    So is “I saw nothin'” your statement to the police after they came to investigate? Was it like being on Law and Order? Did they ask you where you were February 11th at 3 a.m.? Did Detective Stabler try to intimidate you while Detective Benson tried to comfort you and get you to confide in her? God I love L&O SVU.

    Sounds like an exciting evening though. So how much did your friend get for the car at the chop shop? ;-)

  • ChrisM

    “Lock your car. Take your keys”.

    I knew it was a mistake when they retired that old television public service announcement!

  • rachelle

    For a few days I was in shock like “did that really happen?” Here’s what happened exactly – the delivery guy was distracted and kept looking back towards the street. i heard a car horn but i thought someone was just annoyed becasue his car was in the way.. so he gave me the receipt and i turned inside and was signing it and he went away and i was like where did he go and when i leaned out he put his arms up in the air and was like “THEY TOOK MY CAR!!!” Then what do you say to that? i was just like “uh, ok. im going to eat my noodles now”

    then a little while later i looked through the blinds and the cops were out there but dallas was scolding me becasue he didnt want to get involved. i kind of felt bad about eating and watching american idol while the guy was on his cell phone right outside calling the cops and stuff but i didnt know how i could help.

  • Lindsey M. Albright

    Personally, I think you should’ve at least waited with the poor guy until the cops came. They were bound to question you anyway. And if they didn’t, I’m not sure, but it doesn’t sound like they did they’re job correctly. But, from your point of view, It seemed like the most likely thing to do.

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