I’m Moving

January 12th, 2005 · 4 Comments

Fat Naked Ladies

Apparently “fat naked ladies are all the rage these days in Singapore”.

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  • Stephen


    You’re a complete babe: you’re pretty, smart, articulate and have a fine sense of style. What could be better? No need to think of moving for such reasons as implied…

  • Buddy

    I’m gonna have to agree with Stephen. Too bad we live thousands of miles away, because you’re a pretty cool and attractive Chicago girl.

  • ArthurE212

    Have you seen the Botero’s in the Time Warner Center?? One each – huge woman, huge man. I met and photographed a guy who goes around the world polishing the Botero sculptures.
    (Looks like you have a chicago fan club(Stephen and Buddy, at least), Rachelle – I want you back in NYC, of course)

  • rachelleb

    a reader sent me a photo of one of botero’s statues in maui too. i like his work.

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