Bigger Than the Lexus Bow.. oh and my camera just busted

December 30th, 2004 · 25 Comments

Big Bow Wreath

Big Bow Wreath

And then my camera broke. I guess it was a good run. I got it back in July 2002 and used it almost every single day. Still, standing in the middle of the Nordstrom Mall with a thousand people swirling around me and not having eaten lunch yet, I couldn’t help but cry a little bit. You know how I get when I haven’t eaten! I came back to the office and was talking to Tien. He told me “#1. EAT.” So I did. But only half of my pita because by then we started talking about the cost of a new camera and I seriously felt like I was going to puke on my Dell laptop (finally, it would get what it deserves).

If you enjoy my photography, want to see it continue, and have already donated to the tsunami fund, consider donating to my camera fund. If not, please donate to the tsunami fund.

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  • Nan

    Hey – you got a LOT of use out of that little camera. This way maybe you can get an upgrade.

  • NAncy

    Why not try writing to the place that made your camera…they have loads of money..send some of your photography in…thats good :)

  • ArthurE212

    We’ll never know what your pita looked like because the camera broke.
    I love my Canon G3.
    Examples of G3 pictures at my photopage.
    Rachelle – your photos are GREAT – do you enhance them much? if so what do you do? they always seemed sharp except the ones which were blurry.

  • rachelleb

    i do some minor enhancements.. some auto color/contrast.. a little sharpening sometimes.. but nothing major.

  • Geremy

    How’d it break?

  • rachelleb

    pretty much it’s been breaking for the last 6 months but today was the last straw. the digital elph looks like it’s all metal, right? wrong. half of the paint is chipping off of mine and revealing plastic buttons and things. the words on it are almost all gone. the display screen is scratched like crazy. the zoom sticks so you try to zoom in a little and you go straight to 5x, try to zoom out a little and you’re back to normal. today when i was getting lunch the button you use to switch between photo, movie, and preview modes broke. the button moved but the mechanism inside wasnt doing anything. i took the button off to try to fix it or thinking that there would be something i could move without the button but there isnt anything that you cant reach without the use of a bended out paper clip. and the button won’t go back on. so i guess technically it would still take photos.. but it’s pretty much done in. RIP 2 megapixel digital elph.

    it is amazing how attached i became to my camera. i love it. when i tried to switch to preview today to look at the wreath photos i’d just taken and nothing happened it didn’t register. and then i moved it back and nothing happened. and then it was like some kind of movie where the camera zooms out and all you hear is the roar of the crowd and the camera spinnign out of control. it felt like my right arm got cut off. i’m being over dramatic but i seriously felt physically ill. im exhausted and my head is kiling me.

  • chris

    Get a Canon Rebel :-) I just upgraded, and I love it!

  • joel

    God help me on the day this sort of thing happens with my iPod. I’m pretty sure it’ll be at THE most inopportune time and I’ll want to punch someone in the face. Unnngghhhh.

    j/k. I’m not like that. Instead I’ll probably just throw the ipod at someone’s head.

    I guess it’s time to start thinking about camera and ipod contingencies.

  • rachelleb

    The Rebel takes awesome photos but 2 things – 1) It’s really expensive and 2) It’s kind of big to lug around. The elph I got used to carrying around in my purse every day and always having with me. I know if I upgrade the camera size is bound to increase a little but I don’t know if I want it to get as big as most SLRs are. Is there anything anyone recommends that is between the Elph and an SLR as far as features and size? And price?

  • David

    Check out the Canon G6, or the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-V3. Both have significantly higher resolution than your Elph, and are somewhat bigger, but smaller than an SLR. The run $600-700, but you may be able to get one in the $500s in the post-Christmas sales.

    Here’s a review of the G6, and it has some links to competing cameras:

  • David

    I was looking around DP Review some more, and while I’ve never used either camera, it looks like the Pentax and the Olympus may be better choices for you in terms of size and weight (closer to what I think you’ve got right now). More or less the same features. There are reveiws available through the link I gave before.

  • joe

    Sorry to hear about your camera. The Times reviewed cameras priced under $300 a couple of weeks ago:

    The reviewer liked the Kodak EasyShare DX7440 and Canon Powershot A95 best.

  • Edwin

    Hi Rachelle! I donated $5 to the camera fund. It’s not much, but I’ve been using the credit card during the holidays like a mad man. Hope it helps. I was checking out the Power shot SD10 Elph and I never knew you could customize colors on em!(Black, Silver, Bronze, etc…) Wicked cool! Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

  • Chris

    send your camera off for repair to Canon. My Canon S50 broke earlier this year, and it cost me $150 for it to be completely fixed and rehabbed. It’s still cheaper than buying a new one. Also, their repair headquarters are located out by O’Hare.

  • rachelle

    does $150 seem to be a lot to spend on an almost 3 year old 2 mp camera?

  • joel

    I would have to go with “yes” on that one.

    what about the the current version of the elph? No good?

  • Chris

    yeah I know…the old cost/benefit analysis. The newer Canon’s are nice, like the SD300, but are all over $300…if you have the extra $150 or so, go for it, upgrade. But some people get attached to their old cameras, and you seem to be pretty handy with your old one. I just wanted to present you another option!

    I’d definitely stick with Canon if you buy a new one though.

  • rachelleb

    i know. i was just wondering outloud. i’ve been frustrated with my elph, i feel like i’ve outgrown it a bit. like i wish i had more control over the photos i take. but i dont know if i’m ready to make the leap to the slr. i &hearts canon so i’d consider staying in the same family.

  • rachelleb

    oh, plus i was wondering if i i could get something that used the same CF card (I have 4 of them) and the same battery (I have 2).

  • Chris

    I think the SD300 and most newer Canon’s use SD memory cards now (the cards are smaller), although I’m not completely sure, and thus the SD series of cameras are thinner/smaller as well. I’d definitely upgrade if you have the money, try and get at least a 4MP camera. The S410 is pretty cheap (it still uses compact flash)…I found one for my buddy before we went to Europe for around $270 on But, it’s an older model camera, about a year or 2 old, but they still sell it.

    Either way, I know how you feel. Having a camera break on you feels like you lost a member of the family!

    Good luck!


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  • geekysteve

    Rachelle –

    Bummer about your camera… I have the S500 and don’t really like it… the picture quality isn’t all that great. As they cram more megapixels onto small sensors, the images tend to get noisy… my 2MP Sony Mavica takes much better pics than the S500. I agree with whomever recommended an Olympus, though – I have the C8080WZ (also have a Canon 20D – I’m a bit of a camera nut), and the images are fantastic. I’d seriously consider the Olympus C5060; it’s a bit pricey, but man, is it worth it. Best wishes, regardless – we’ll miss your pictures (until you get a new camera). :-)


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  • Dave

    I know this idea is strange, but I had the same feeling of being attached to a camera (a Yashica T4) that I used nearly every day, and had stolen from me. I felt like I had betrayed a best friend.

    OK, I know I am going to come off as a total dinosaur, but have you thought of a (GASP!) film P+S? I have a digital Elph S330, but I had continually used the T4 in its stead, until it was stolen. A friend got me an Olympus Stylus Epic (no zoom) to replace the T4 (sniffle…sniffle) since the T4 is no longer made. The stylus has an incredibly fast, sharp lens; I can shoot indoors without a flash using 400 speed film consistently. You probably need a quick turnaround on photos for your site, but most one hour places can scan to disk in an afternoon. It can’t replace my old friend, but it is fiiling in admirably.

    The camera is less than $100.00 and film is cheap these days. However, sometimes replacing an old friend is harder than just repairing the relationship with the old one. I would go for the repair.

    Good Luck,


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