Smokin’ Woody’s

November 24th, 2004 · 2 Comments

Smokin' Woody's
Smokin’ Woody’s, North Center, Chicago

Smokin' Woody's
Smokin’ Woody’s Ribwich, North Center, Chicago

Smokin' Woody's
Paper Towel, Smokin’ Woody’s, North Center, Chicago

Last night we tried out a North Center no frills BBQ joint called Smokin’ Woody’s. I had the ribwich sandwich and Dallas had pulled pork. We split a side of baked beans that were DELISH. I’m not exactly sure what is in a boneless ribwich sandwich, but it was pretty good too.

According to their website, Smokin’ Woody’s was originally founded in 1993 by Michael “Woody” Boucher and was later bought by chef Calvin Woods in 2001. Under new ownership the building was renovated and the style improved. It’s a cute space, but still very basic. I wanted to take an interior photo, but it filled up with people pretty quickly after we arrived.

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  • anna

    i came across your site the other day. i enjoy it.

    i have to correct your chicago neighborhood. the area you are referring to as north center where you just dined should be st. ben’s (after the big church on irving pk road) or irving park area. north center is too general.

  • RCD

    Woody’s is awesome. Enjoy your site too.

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