Using Old Art to Make New Art

November 21st, 2004 · 3 Comments

Easter Weekend by Rachelle
Easter Weekend by Rachelle

Hug a Goth by SaintPepsi
Hug a Goth by SaintPepsi

Jordan (aka SaintPepsi, aka The Flaming Cat) used my photo of Central Park on Easter 2003, along with another photo, to create this new work of art.

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  • Mark Shewmaker

    So did they fess up to “borrowing” your photograph, or did you somehow recognize your pic? Have you considered how you want to manage your copyrights (creative commons, etc.)?

  • rachelle

    he asked permission and I said he could use it as long as he gave credit.

  • jordan -saintpepsi-

    Wow you posted my work… blushes lol Looks nice next to the actual pic… yeah a while after that i decided to stop using real pictures as backgrounds until i could take my own pictures so they could be whole mine. Nothing against these and or getting permission to use art. This is still one of my fav creations thank you so for putting it up :) I am honored


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