Who’s Trying to Call Me!?

November 12th, 2004 · 15 Comments

Everyday for the past week or two, sometimes more than once/day, I’ve gotten a call from an automated voice:

“This is a service of Global Tel-Link. An inmate at Davidson County Hill Detention Center has attempted to place a call to this number….”

uh. hold up.. an inmate?

I think I’m going to contact them now because I’m starting to feel bad that this inmate is trying to call this number more than once a day and they obviously aren’t getting through to the person who they want to reach!

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  • Jeff

    inmates do have internet access…maybe you have a fan

  • rachelle

    sure but how would they get my work phone number

  • Jeff

    hmm, good point, i was just trying to add some paranoia to your scenic walks home ;)

  • tien

    dude, it’s that dial an inmate thing you posted on!!

  • Tom Gronseth

    would you like to know more about “Ruby Beach” ?

  • ab

    I got a call from an inmate a couple of months ago. The caller ID said, “Inmate phone”. I SO did not pick it up.

  • Tara

    Did you recently get a new phone number? Maybe a friend of the inmate used to have that number. When I got my new number, I got deluged with bill collector calls for the former owner of the number.

  • andrew

    In some states prisons are the sorce of tele – marketing with use of prison labor,p.cs.an phone systems.Try calling your phone company and have it blocked.Maybe you want to call the prison an tell them your problem.

  • joe

    I was released last week so the phone calls should stop. Sorry!

  • rachelle

    I just called and got it blocked. Maybe someone else had this number, but it’s my direct line at work.. so I wonder who had this extension in our office before I moved here in Feb.!

  • Doug

    This is a scam. There’s some info in the Chicago Trib archives if you enjoy access to that. Block it. If it connected, that number would be charged 3rd party for their other outgoing calls.

  • rachelle

    ahh. they just called again. even though i blocked it.

  • Chris

    Ive heard of things like this happening and I think that no matter what conspiracy theory you decide to go with, in one way or another it HAS to be some kind of scam or something that is unsafe in one way or another.

    Then again, I watch too much TV. ;-)

  • Buck

    I’m getting them too… dang Cricket getto phones. Some guy whose name I couldn’t understand has been calling. When he gets out he’s going to be ticked at the person that didn’t accept his call… which will probably put him right back where he is calling from. It’s a madhouse….

  • Buck

    There it is again… I know these posts are old but what the heck…. maybe I have your old phone?

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