Sun-Times Demolition, or Lack Thereof

November 5th, 2004 · 3 Comments

Sun - Times Demolition

I’m sure they’re doing a lot of destruction inside, but from the outside, the Sun-Times Building has barely changed. Walking around the building, this is all I could see. So disappointing.

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  • Jody Geiger

    They seem to be cleaning out the interior of the building before hammering each floor into small pieces for removal by truck. I was lucky to catch them one morning lifting a small front-end loader onto the forth floor of the building. Later on the weekend of Nov. 20th I spotted a similar front-end loader on the roof of the complex along with another similar vehicle. I suspect that walls and interior decor may be hand demolished and the front-end loader is used to carry trash from one part of the building to another. As I haven’t seen any trucks hauling materials away, I’m not quite sure what is happening within. Nevertheless, I’ve seen this type of deconstruction done on other buildings and would expect to see floors disappearing from Monday forward. It can take 1-2 weeks per floor, which would be in line with a construction start date for the Trump building in early to mid January. Meanwhile, for those interested in high-rise construction projects, there is a similar super tall 85-story residential unit going up one block west on the opposite side of the river: Westview Tower. For those that love tracking big construction projects, you may find additional resources at: Enjoy


    Sun-Times Demolition Continues

    I can tell that major work is going on inside the Sun-Times Building, but I wish I could see it better! Most of the windows are covered with either wood or plastic except on the ground floor, where it…

  • brett young

    I climbed to the top of the bldg this wkend and the interior is stripped to concrete. I will miss this one, the views from within are still great. The 7th porch must have been especially nice, when there wasn’t broken glass and concrete everywhere.

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