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November 5th, 2004 · 9 Comments







Sam’s, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Aaron reminded me that I had some photos from Sam’s from several months ago that I never posted. Sam’s is a discount wine outlet.

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  • Aaron

    Beautiful pics :) thanks for sharing

  • jocelyn

    and it will take all of that wine to help me recover from the outcome of the election.

  • mom

    WOAH ~ That’s a LOT of wine ! YUM !

  • ChrisM

    Drink up Jocelyn, do you have a glass for me?

    At least you and I will have the satisfaction in the highly likely event that when GW’s insane deficit spending and social security surplus raiding lead to a gut-wrenching reckoning down the road well dont blame us!

  • Richard

    Were those little sample cups? How closely did they watch that area?

  • rachelle

    yeh, those are taps where you can try different kinds of wine..and no, nobody was like standing there watching it or anything.

  • Richard Bowden

    I would be temped to just go down the line and try every one.

  • ChrisM

    (I hope no one minds my political twists on this blog :-) )

    Richard Bowden by the time GW Bush is through I’ll be in a liquor licensed bodega sipping free samples of wines like Wild Irish Rose, Night Train Express and every poor man’s favorite Thunderbird!

    “What the word?

    “What’s the price?
    40 Twice.

    “What’s the expense?
    80 Cents.

    “Where do we cop?
    The Barbershop!”

  • Chicagoist

    Sam’s Wines In Trouble; Start Drinking

    Ooh no! Sam’s Wines, our favorite purveyor of deviljuice, has been hit with a “lengthy list of citations, including allegations of extorting kickbacks from alcohol distributors and operating an illegal warehouse.” Oh, man, we bet they need a drink. If …

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