Retro on Roscoe

August 16th, 2004 · 13 Comments

Hot Dog King
Hot Dog King :: Retro on Roscoe, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Fried Twinkie
Fried Twinkie :: Retro on Roscoe, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Pina Colada
Pina Colada :: Retro on Roscoe, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Rachelle, Ed, Chad, Matt, Justin, Kristin
Rachelle, Ed, Chad, Matt, Justin, Kristin :: Retro on Roscoe, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Trent & Abby
Trent & Abby :: Retro on Roscoe, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Neal, Trent, Chad
Neal, Trent, Chad :: Retro on Roscoe, Roscoe Village, Chicago

On Saturday we went to Retro on Roscoe. It was pretty much the same as every other summertime street fair except that there were a few old cars and the bands played older music.

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  • tien

    oooh, how was the fried twinkie. i didn’t get one when i saw one in va.

    and you look ill in that group picture.

  • rachelle

    i look horrible in that group shot. i took one for the team and posted it anyway. you can get a fried twinkie at the chip shop in park slope. man, i love that place!

  • mom

    the hot dog king looks like Jim Belushi

  • tien

    park slope, eh? damn, their site blows. and what the hell is that audio.

  • Adam

    Yeah. You can get all sorts of fried things-that-maybe-shouldn’t-be-fried at Chip Shop. Mars bars, Twinkies, Hostess fruit pies, etc. Delicious.

  • Adam

    We should do another grilled-pizza party and then go to the Chip Shop for deep-fried junk-food desserts.

  • rachelle

    heh. then we can all lie down and have a group heart attack. that is how i always feel coming out of the chip shop. but i love it there. deep fried chocolate candy bars rule! i cant decide if i liked the snickers bar or the reese’s pbutter cups better. the weirdest think i had fried there was a scoop of macaroni and cheese.

  • Richard

    their site is really annoying. i love fried foods, now i want to go home and throw random things in our frier to see if they’re good.

  • rachelle

    we always talked about having a fry party because jeannett’e mom has a frier. so she was going to borrow it and we’d each bring over something to fry. i wanted to fry a banana (and drizzle it with chocolate and have it in a bowl with ice cream) and i remember yvan wanting to fry a pickle. in the end we couldnt get over the batter hump.. we thought that it would take too long to figure out the batter. .. i think it has to be *just right* to work.

  • Richard

    Most things we fry are store bought, out of the freezer. We have made homemade chicken strips from a recipe and they turned out ok.

  • Trish Riddle Lange


    Hey there! I check your site from time to time…it’s great. I live vicariously through your adventures since we really don’t go anywhere that doesn’t have a playland.

    Anyway, I have a recipe for fried pickle slices if you want it. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks damn good. Let me know if you want it.


  • rachelle

    hey, trish- it’s always interesting to see people checkin in from my past lives and to learn that they’re still keepin track of my whereabouts! awesome. yeh, pass on that recipe.. either email it or post it here for everyone. that would be muy cool.

    and it’s funny to see the “lange” and hear you talk about playgrounds bc of course i knew you pre-marriage and pre-babies when we were just peon interns trying to make buck.

  • Mark Shewmaker

    I need to make it back to the ‘Slope for some Chip Shop. Nothing beats their fried Haddock and chips.

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