I’m a Bookworm, You Think?

June 24th, 2004 · 8 Comments


I finally just now got most of my books unpacked that have been sitting here boxed up forever. My office is starting to look more like an office and less like a room filled with boxes and junk. I also found my Mickey Mouse rug that I’ve had since I was about 2-3 years old and lived in Orlando. Thanks again to my dad for taking me to Ikea, and to Kristin for helping me assemble the bookcases.

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  • dahl

    i think i must be as bad as you seeing as the first thought i had at looking at the bookcase was, High Fidelity is such a great book!

    (Second shelf from the top, on the right for those not in the know)

  • Nan

    the rug was the first thing i noticed! the shelf looks great!

  • Julia

    And my first thought looking at the shelf was, “Oooh.. someone else who has read the Harry Potter books!” (next to top shelf, right corner, books 1-4). By the way, Order of the Phoenix is long and dark, but still a good read.

  • Jacqueline Johnson

    Rachel the bookcase I assume is from Ikea. I looked at the Ikea site, and is the bookcase called BILLY, if not what is the name? I love it, I am in desperate of a bookcase and this one would suit my needs.

  • Doug

    You’re gonna need more room for your Harry Potter series — especially when Vol 6. comes in at 2,000 pages.

  • Stefan

    nice iMac …. oh and fine books

  • Jennifer

    Wow. People are looking that close to see what books you are reading? Impressive. I know my roomie and I had a difficult time picking out which books we wanted to display on the shelf in the living room. Showing off our distinct personalities was not as easy as we had hoped! Books everywhere in our house!

  • rachelle

    yes, it is the BILLY bookcase from Ikea

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