Lamb Shaped Butter

April 11th, 2004 · 18 Comments

Lamb Shaped Butter
Lamb-Shaped Butter, Elmhurst, IL

For Easter dinner Mrs. Weber molded butter into the shape of a lamb but nobody had the heart to cut into it and all of our food went unbuttered (not necessarily a bad thing!).

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  • zip

    Thanks for reminding me that I’m Polish!

  • joe

    I think it is a sign. Of what, I cannot be sure. Be afraid, be very afraid…

  • Chris

    lol, wow! that looks a little too big to be out of a “stick” of butter… or maybe it’s just the perspective? impressive!

  • rachelleb

    Is lamb-shaped butter a polish tradition? hmm.. we did suspiciously have pierogi at our Easter dinner………

  • Jen

    That’s the prettiest butter I’ve ever seen.

  • rachelleb

    ben sinclair, is that whole thing butter!?

  • joe s

    i’m not ben sinclair, just a fan of large animals sculpted out of food. Butter isn’t strong enough structurally to support something shaped like that. Take a look below the woman’s hand and you’ll spy the wire mesh upon which the butter is spread.

  • Jean Jurkiewicz

    Does anyone know where there is a store i can buy a lamb butter or cake mold around San Diego, Ca.? Jean

  • kathy

    I make butter lambs out of a brick (or 4 butter quarters) Using a knife, scoop the butter from sides and back towards front to form lamb’s head.
    I use a toothpick and “swirl” fleece all over the lamb. Use a toothpick and form nostrils. Don’t forget to form ears and tail. Use whole peppercorns for the eyes. Add a small Polish flag attached to a toothpick on lamb’s back and a red ribbon around the neck. Not hard and fool-proof to make. If butter gets too soft while working with it, pop it in refrigerator until firm enough. Makes a nice gift presented on a small plate and doiley.

  • Bonnie

    I have a question not a comment. Does anyone out there know how you are suppose to eat a butter lamb? I have been told there is a certain way to go about it.

  • Ken

    We often used peppercorns for eyes and put a red ribbon around its neck.

  • matt wagner

    i own the company in chicago that makes these lambs every easter. that lamb is one of ours and not done by hand. nice try though. if anyone wants more information check out our website

  • Bro.Paschal

    Be nice! Start from the back and work your way up. Do not act like a heathen and decapitate it @ the first meal!

    Cloves make nice eyes too.

  • Jenny D

    Dear Matt… Shame on you for selling a molded lamb that you did not “trim” the mold edges from.

    Joe S… obviously you are NOT Polish! Most butter lambs are 4oz and made in molds for that purpose.

    Sorry, I’ve never heard of a correct way or wrong way to eat a lamb.


  • amb3r


  • Denny

    May I please use the butter lamb photo on this page for a radio station blog I’m doing on a cute story about a butter lamb “pardon” in New York? Thank you,

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