Kaua’i, Hawaii

April 9th, 2004 · 29 Comments

kauai.jpgIn a few weeks I’m going on vacation to Kaua’i, Hawaii. I really don’t know much, if anything about Hawaii. I never even really considered going there but a bunch of friends of mine are going and invited me along. I was to St. Thomas and St. John several years ago and loved it. I know that Hawaii is a lot different, but I’m getting really excited to get back on a tropical island. I haven’t even been back to California since I moved away from there to New York. Seeing some palm trees will be nice.

I could be mistaken, but in my mind Kaua’i is to Oahu what St. John is to St. Thomas. St. Thomas’ #1 industry is tourism, where St. John is mostly protected parks. St. John is beautiful beyond belief, but harder to get to, so most people just stay on St. Thomas. This seems to be the case with Kaua’i too. I bet most people just fly into Honolulu and stay on that island. To get to Kaua’i you have to get on another flight.

I wasn’t even sure what Kaua’i was, but then I found out that it’s where Jurassic Park, Outbreak, Gilligan’s Island, Fantasy Island, and King Kong were filmed. Basically, whenever Hollywood needs a lush paradise they go to Kaua’i to film. This got me kind of excited, not because I care that movies were filmed there but, specifically in Jurrassic Park, the scenery was so beautiful.

The group of friends that I am going to Kaua’i with are mostly people who have lived in Hawaii or who have visited every year for a number of years. I have no doubt that they will show me a good time, but if you have any suggestions for things to do while I’m there leave a comment!

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  • Nan

    I’m SOO jealous!

  • Liz

    I’m soooooo jealous….have a great trip!!! Hopefully there’s plenty of sun and warmth – bring some back to Chicago, we could use it.

  • joe s

    How long are you going to be there? Hawai’i is wonderful. Since Kaua’i is small my suggestion is to see everything and do everything! Really helpful, huh?

  • rachelle

    I will be there for a week. On the last day we are coming back to Oahu mid day and not flying back out until that evening so I’ll have an afternoon there.. otherwise all of my time will be on Kaua’i.

  • joe r

    You will love Kaua’i. My wife and I spent a week there on our honeymoon, and we didn’t want to leave. It’s more of a daytime-activity island, and less of a party-all-night type of place. We split our time – half by the pool doing absolutely nothing (which i would highly recommend) and the other half hiking and seeing the sights. You should most definitely check out Waimea Canyon, and take a rafting trip along the Na Pali coast. The scenery in unimaginable. Have fun!

  • jocelyn

    how about you grab hold of that sunshine and through it back east to NY. Did you know it is STILL freaking winter here? when will it end?

    I’ve been to Maui. I loved it. OMG you will have such a great time. and the climate is fantastic–not muggy and humid like the Virgin Islands.

  • dad

    Have a good time Rachelle
    Me and your Ma have been to Kauai (The Garden Island)
    We stayed on The Coconut Coast side of the island
    Near town called Kapaa
    We did a small run Waimea and also visted WAIMEA CANYON
    And also took a journey around the Island except the road does not go all away round the Island
    Stayed a few days Honolulu
    Your Ma did the Alhoa Run
    What difference in the islands

  • A reader

    I came across your blog & noticed this beautiful picture. I got married in Kauai in 2000 & never wanted to leave. They actually have a law there that says that the buildings cannot be higher than a palm tree. There is only one main road and you can drive around 75% of the island in a few hours. It’s a wonderful place, you will love it! Plan on doing lots of daytime outdoor activities.

  • rachelle

    yeh. speaking of daytime outdoor activities.. my skin is so fair and i dont really feel like going to a tanning salon before i go .. but being exposed to the sun a bit before going on vacation helps prevent sunburn. esp when i’ve been covered up all winter and now i’m going to be so exposed. maybe if i just go like 1 or 2 times before teh vacation it will be enough. whattayathink?

  • Nan

    I didn’t think the Virgin Islands were muggy and humid at all. Did you RB? We went in July, and it was actually more humid back in WI.

    I think you do need to tan before you go. :-) You’re probably going to want to spend a lot of time outside there, especially when you first arrive, and a sun burn isn’t a good way to start out your vaca.

  • Arthur

    Oh, Rachelle – Hawaii is the most beautiful place on earth. It’s amazing – and I’ve only been to Maui and to Hawaii.
    If you get to Maui – go to Big beach – it’s a great beach and then climb over the little cliff to Little beach – it’s the clothes optional one. very friendly. I snorkled all over but didn’t scuba, although Scuba should be great in hawaii.
    I love scuba diving but only have been three times.
    I can’t wait for your pictures – take lots.

  • JeffSpicoli

    I hear there’s lots to do in Kaua’i come around 4:20 if you get my drift…

  • Marc Rullo

    Kauai is to St. John what Manhattan is to Iowa City. It’s more comparable to Heaven than anywhere on Earth. Eat at Roy’s. Do the Napali Coast. Go to Princeville.

  • Cousin Sara

    Hi Rachelle, It’s me your cousin Sara! I have been checking out your blog for awhile and I have a website for you. My old bosses from the salon I work at moved to Kaua’i in Feb. 2004 and created a website. http://integral.typepad.com/kauai/
    They went on vacation there and fell in love with Kaua’i and moved from Appleton, Wisconsin. Crazy!!! Have fun!!!

  • A Kaleberg

    You have to go to both ends of the road and hike. You can hear the wild chickens and smell the my lai in the west and you can hike Kanapali in the north. Check out the National Tropical Botanical Garden. It has an interesting story and was Queen Lilioukulani’s final home. We really like A Pacific Place for dinner, but it has been years and years. We left and Iniki came in and trashed our Hyatt. We also liked a family style restaurant, The Green Grotto, I think.

    We’ll warn you that the snorkeling is rather limited on Kauai because of all the fresh water, but it can still be fun to go out for a day.

    Also, check out the little florists and get yourself a white ginger lei or something unusual. Don’t stick with the plumeria.

    We mainly get to the big island, Maui and Oahu. Don’t sell Oahu short. If you have a three hour layover on your way home, check out Sam Choy’s Breakfast, Lunch and Crab which is right on the highway to town. If you have more time, do more.

  • Chris

    wow, really jealous… can’t wait to see the pictures!

  • Aunt Susie

    Rachelle, you are so fortunate to get to go to Kauai. We were there a few years ago. It is, without a doubt, the most breathtaking place on earth. The best thing we did (aside from riding horseback over the land Jurassic Park was filmed on) was the helicopter ride. $100 per person, but it was the best money I have ever spent on anything. Since there are places on the island you cannot get to, even on horseback, the helicopter ride allows you an up close view of some amazingly gorgeous scenery and waterfalls. You could get priceless photographs.

  • joe s

    The sun is intense that far south. Get a floppy hat, a patagonia silkweight long-sleeve t-shirt, lots of sunblock, etc. then again, as a fair-haired person who’s had skin cancer, I’m pretty fanatical about avoiding the sun.

  • Kaleberg Again

    Oops! That restaurant is the Green Garden. The Green Grotto is on one of Kauai’s many fresh water rivers and is supposed to be rather neat, if a bit touristy. Go tourists!

  • jeannette

    congrats!! that’s so exciting! :) i’ve only ever been to oahu, but it was a wonderful vacation. hawaii is practically another country.

    i can’t wait to see pics from your trip.

    artificial tanning scares me. although getting burned scares me more! i would recommend you slather this stuff on:
    http://www.drugstore.com/qxp16278_333181_sespider/coppertone_sport/ultra_sweatproofwaterproof_dry_lotion_spf_30.htm i bring it with me on vacation wherever i go. oh, and get a pareo for the beach. have fun!! :)

  • Cynthia Trostler

    I was in Kaua’i in 2001, and loved it…so lush and exotic! We stayed at the Marriott Resort, which was very nice- and you must take the helicopter tour of the island- Safari Aviation is great (www.safariair.com).

    I have a few restaurant recommendations for you:
    -A Pacific Cafe
    -Palms Restaurant
    -Beach House Restaurant
    -Cafe Portofino

    Hope you have a great time!

  • Oscar

    I was just telling someone yesterday that St. John is the Kauai of the VI’s.

    But, Kauai is the single most beautiful place on earth in the paradise sort of way. Be SURE to take a surfing lesson or two off of Poipu Beach – you won’t regret it!

  • Richard

    ha ha, rachelle surfing? that’s funny.

  • mom

    Rachelle, We bought the Entertainment book for Hawaii and it paid for itself in seconds. We stayed in Honolulu a couple days and the rest of the time on Kauai. We got all our hotels half price with the entertainment book. Nearly every restaurant was in there too. Even the small plane ride from island to island. It was well worth it if you want to take the time to use it. Nothing better to do on that long flight over that read over that book and cut coupons !

    We have a scrap book we’ll bring this weekend for you to look through and get more ideas of what to do or see in Kauai. We visited a coffee and a guava plantations. Fern Grotto was beautiful. Spouting horn was neat. We were in a Polinesion village for a day, Wiamea canyon, the waterfalls and the Banyan trees. The entire island is about 25 miles long. You can only drive around 3/4 of it. Rent a car(entertainment book) and discover and explore! oh and chickens ! Lots and lots of chickens !

  • rachelleb

    i sort of learned how to surf when i lived in california.. but i would usually body board while my friends that surfed surfed.

  • doug

    Kauai is definitely the best of the Islands. Check out a nice community called Hanalei – great beach there too. Ask locals about the “Blue Room”. It’s a cave just before the Na’Pali trail starts – just past Hanalei. Cold water in the cave, but interesting effect when the sun shines in the cave…

  • Anonymous

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    I am doing a school webpage foe mai web design class. I would like to ask your permission to use your picture for my school site. Can you please e-mail me back at tasha_tennischick5@hotmail.com. Thanks so very much!

  • Britt Autry

    I don’t mean to crash the party with a random email but I came across your site and have got to know one thing……WHAT KIND OF CAMERA DO YOU HAVE!!! You must have a photo background, I know photography and that’s some great work. Please let me know what kind of camera captured the above images. Sincerely,Britt

  • valeriA

    hey i like it…..not!

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