First Sign You Live In a Polish Neighborhood

March 10th, 2004 · 10 Comments

Pulaski Day
HC Andersen Community Academy, Wicker Park, Chicago

There are no classes at the local school on Pulaski Day.

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  • tien

    i too will eventually live in a polish neighborhood. i’m not sure the arew will be closed for pulaski day though.


    No comment…There should be Kosciuszko Day, John Paul II Day, etc., etc.

    They should work more :(

  • Linus

    Pulaski Day is cool. But what on earth is that pipe-thing sticking out of the wall?

  • Cheekychk

    The pipe thing sticking out of the wall is a sculpture by local artist Jerzy Kenar; he gave the sculpture to the school as a gift. His wood gallery is across the street from my old apartment on Wolcott (he also did the angel at the Angel’s Barn on the corner of Wolcott and Augusta). Look for the giant ladder, called “Waiting for an Angel” on top of his gallery….his work is also all over the international terminal at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

  • Linus

    Cool! Thanks for the answer.

  • lester

    Can you please explain to me where the Polish neighborhood is in Chicago? Or where the greatest number of Poles live? Is it in Wicker Park?

  • rachelleb

    wicker park and the ukrainian village

  • Karen Ratay Green

    I am interested in bringing my kids to Wicker Park for a trip so they can see and experience Polish traditions firsthand. Does anyone have any suggestions as to when? (Other than for Pulaski Day) Would appreciate any/all suggestions. Is there a museum there? Does anyone know if Ratay (or Rataj) is a common name in that area? Thanks!!!

  • Bedazzled

    Pulaski day shouldn’t just be a big day in Chi-Town. Cazimierz and the Poles played a very large part in our American Heritage as a whole in the Revolutionary war, by helping us win our Independence. I’m not even Polish, and I was suprised to find out that it isn’t celebrated throughout the USA.

  • Chicagoist

    Happy Pulaski Day

    Chicagoist was just commenting, it seems, about how President’s Day is one of those half-holidays where nothing happens really, but if you’re lucky you get the day off. Well, same with Pulaski Day. Except you have an even slimmer chance of getting the…

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