Road Tripping – Day 2

March 5th, 2004 · 5 Comments


Jessica & Rachelle

Purse snatchers warning in Indiana

A bathroom break in Indiana



Welcome to Chicago


Day two was much the same as day 1 except much shorter (only about 4 hours) and at the end I ended up driving in bumper to bumper Chicago traffic after having not driven a car since 2001. Fun.

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  • Mike W

    Goodbye Rachelle! You’ll enjoy Chicago, but you were never truly a Nu Yawker like the rest of us. How does the song go? “…You’re gonna make it after all!”

  • ChrisM

    Mike W you took the thought right out of my head! Let’s go to some of the seldom heard second verse.

    “How will you make it on your own?
    This world is awfully big, girl this time you’re all alone”.

    I’m sure Rachelle will do just fine in her new home and is certainly not alone there :-)

    PS I’m pleased Rachelle to see you and Jessica made it out there safe and sound. Jessica sure must be a good pal, I hope you two dont miss each other too much. Good Luck!

  • Mike W

    Man, Rachelle, do you bring that camera EVERYWHERE with you? I’d hate to be the first guy you shack up with (hee hee)!

  • Greg Greene

    Ahhh, the Skyway … brings back memories.

    To get around traffic on the Dan Ryan, next time you should exit at Stony Island after you get across Skyway bridge, then drive through Grant Park until you get to the foot of Lakeshore Drive. It makes a huge difference; heck, I used the route on the day I moved out. =,


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