Going Away Party

February 21st, 2004 · 9 Comments

Jessica, Rachelle, Amber


Dahlia, Jake, Rachelle, Sam

Mark, Rachelle, Wendy, Lisa

Yvan & Masako

Jen & Rachelle

Jeannette, Eleanor, Rachelle, Masako

Jake & Jen

Mike & Rachelle

Rachelle & Mark

Sarah & Rachelle

Masako & Jeannette

Jeannette, Rachelle, Sarah

Eric thinks I can’t whistle Patience, but I can!

Yvan putting money down my shirt.

Tiffany, Chuck, Rachelle, Dave, Eric, Mark, Wendy, Jessica, Lisa

rachel leb.com Hotpants

Last night was bitter sweet. I had a great time with all of my friends at Croxley’s but was sad to think about it being the last time I’d see some of them for a long time. It was fun to get together my friends, coworkers, ex-coworkers, and online friends and watch them interact with each other. Thanks everyone, for everything. I will miss you all so much. In September 2001, just after the WTC attacks, I moved to NYC and it stole my heart. I will always have a soft spot there for the city and each of you helped to make it a great place and a great experience for me.

Dave and Jessica thumb wrestling.

Rachelle and a dog that mysteriously appeared.



Jessica & Rachelle

Late into the night after most people had left, Eric, Dave, Jessica and I wandered from Croxley’s to a bar called Manitoba’s.

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  • Emily

    cute underwear!

  • corie

    Niiice hotpants pix.

    Sorry I missed your farewell shindig. Looks like you had a great time. Lots of luck…though for those of us you type to/with you more than we see you, maybe not much will change!

  • tien mao's little read book...

    Drinking with R-Beezy

    It’s strange, I’ve known Rachelle for a little while now, and we’ve gone on many adventures, but I seldom go drinking with her. I think last time was the first time I’ve seen her drunk and maybe the last…

  • Chris

    Are you 5′ tall? You just seem taller in pics by yourself.

  • Oscar

    I’ll be looking for those hotpants in the next Victoria’s Secret catalog.

  • ChrisM

    New York’s loss is Chicago’s gain.

    I hear in Chi-town folks dont go out after work for cocktails as much as is done in Manhattan. Until now!

    Good luck to you Rachelle and if at all possible, please pass on that good Bowden DNA to the next generation :-)

  • rachelleb

    i am 5’4″. i had heels on that night and i still came out shorter than everyone else in the photos.

  • Nan

    i love it! it’s always sad for me to look at going away party pics. i still remember your party we had at the clubhouse in appleton. i tried to be in ‘every’ photo so you wouldn’t forget me. :-)

  • rachelleb.com

    Out at Croxley’s

    Jake :: Croxley’s Ale House, East Village, Manhattan Tien, Rachelle, Mark :: Croxley’s Ale House, East Village, Manhattan Rachelle, Stephanie, Julie, Jessica :: Croxley’s Ale House, East Village, Manhattan Rachelle, Jeannette, Yvan :: Croxley’s Ale Ho…

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