Wicker Park Apartment

February 9th, 2004 · 24 Comments

Wicker Park Apartment
My New Apartment, East Ukrainian Village, Chicago

If all goes as planned, this will be my new home as of March 1. The building has two apartments in it, an upper and a lower, and I will live in the lower. My apartment is 2 bedrooms with an open living room/kitchen area. There is 1 bathroom and a dining space in the back that overlooks a small yard. The things I’m most excited about besides the price: a dishwasher, a washer and a dryer are all in the apartment! Also excited about a little bit of grass – even if it’s not much, it’s 100% more than I have now.

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  • tien

    2 br?!? I smell road trip!

  • rachelleb

    yeh, I’m going to make the second bedroom an office, but I may put a futon or something in there for overnight guests. Depends if I get a sleeper sofa or not.

  • jeannette

    woot woot!! road trip!!

    rachelle – you need to stock up on beer and towels for our visit. ;)

  • Jessica

    I would recommend the 2nd bedroom to have space for overnight guests.. for there will be lots of roadtrips!

    Although it should be know as your Blogging Room.

  • el

    ooh! nice. you can have a little garden!
    i don’t think we want to know about the price.

  • dahl

    wow, dishwasher, washer and dryer? i’m soooo jealous! is it close to the el?

  • Richard

    Where is Wicker Park exactly? Is that on the north side? How far from Oak Creek are you going to be?

  • Richard

    I looked it up. You’d be about 75 miles, 1:30 away. Closer than mom and dad!

  • joel

    wicker park is wonderful … I stayed there for a weekend and had a blast. Do you know what El stop you’d be closest to Rachelle?

  • Nan

    I can’t wait to see the inside! When do you move?

  • dad

    Reads like you have a very nice place
    We still have your old bed down the basement if you would be interested in puting it in your extra bedroom. Iam glad that you have found a place and you sound that you are very excited about it being Your OWN not sharing it with some one else Congradulations

  • dad

    Wicker Park 3hrs and 38 min mapquest
    204 miles
    Roughfly 84 miles south of Richard and Amanda

  • joe s

    2 bedrooms, a lawn, a washer, dryer and dishwasher? You’ll be livin’ large in the windy city! will you be taking the el or buying a car?

  • rachelleb

    i will be about 3 blocks from the division street stop on the blue line. i wont be getting a car.

  • rachelleb

    oh. i think i forgot to mention the central air/heat!

  • jdiddy

    it looks very quaint. good luck. : )

  • joe s

    who mows the lawn?

    should I make a quick trip down to ali baba tonight for their turkey shawarma?

  • Richard

    How are you going to come an visit without a car?

  • willo

    i hope your upstairs neighbors aren’t noisy or annoying! that can really ruin a place. the laundry IN your apt. is key though. Mine I still have to walk downstairs & around to the front of the house & into the garage/basement… and it’s free and warm and all once I’m in there.. but still it’d be awesome to have it like right next to my bedroom :) can’t wait to see summer photos too – cuz that just looks cold!

  • rachelleb

    the landlord told me that there are two women who live upstairs and one woman who lives in the coach house behind this house.

    amtrack and greyhound both run regularly to milwaukee.

  • Nan

    $40 round trip to milwaukee
    but i’ll come pick you up anytime!

  • rachelleb

    it’s official.. i signed the lease today.

  • Kelly

    Can you have pets? How will you ever fill the space? You’ll have to go s h o p p i n g !!

  • Judy Hill

    Oh, how nice. I used to take trips to “Wicker Park” in the mid-1950’s with my Dad, and cousins. I enjoyed this area and remember it well.

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