I’m Allergic to my Sweater

December 16th, 2003 · 21 Comments

Allergy Sweater
This sweater makes me sneeze

I bought this sweater more than a month or so ago but it’s mostly just been sitting in my bedroom wrapped in tissue paper & still in the shopping bag it came in. When I brought the sweater home I noticed that it wasn’t just a wool/cashmere blend, but a wool/cashmere/angora blend.. and that’s when I got scared. I once bought an angora sweater and when I brought it home and put it on I went into such a sneezing fit and face itchiness that I took it off, gave it to my friend and never wanted to see it again. So, this new sweater… I loved it so much and didn’t want to return it but was afraid to wear it! Finally on my Thanksgiving Vacation, when I was already drugged up on Claritin because my cousin has cats, I got brave enough to put it on.. and I was fine. This morning I put it on again.. and sneezed 1 or 2 times. Nothing compared to the sneezing attack that I remember from my last angora sweater. I took a Claritin today just to make sure there wouldnt be any problems.. but doesn’t it seem strange that I have to take drugs to be able to wear my new favorite sweater?

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  • Jeff

    I think its my favorite sweater too

  • Richard

    dont forget the claritin on your trip to wi! otherwise it may be a miserable couple of days staying at our house. I have alergies too, but not nearly as bad as yours.

  • allan

    drugs are bad.. mmmkay?

  • Nan

    i love that angora sweater you gave me way back when. maybe i can look forward to this one too?! :-)

  • Jessica

    NO.. I get this one!

  • hubs

    thanks to modern chemistry fashion is now possible. just be glad these aren’t in style.

  • Mike

    You need to install MT-Blacklist (or update your blacklist to block the HGH bastard whose comment immediately precedes mine).

  • rachelleb

    Mike, I’m going to try to get that installed soon! i just deleted the spam comment in the meantime.

  • rachelleb

    whoa! hubs! i just looked at your link…… that would be mighty itchy!

  • Jai

    That’s a really nice looking sweater, Rachelle. Where’d you find it? My wife might like a sweater like that.

  • CJ

    HGH-human growth hormone?

    Sorry, this country bumpkin is really out of it today, I haven’t had my daily intake of Jolt and Skittles yet.

  • rachelle

    jai, it’s from ann taylor loft. they have some really nice sweaters there right now. i hope becky isnt reading!

  • Jai

    ;) Beck is as allergic to computers as you are to that sweater ;)

  • tara

    A pretty sweater on a pretty girl.. maybe that other sweater had toxic dyes..

  • Jane

    I had the same problem with an angora sweater I bought a few years ago, so I gently washed it, now I love wearing it and many other I have bought since. The only ones I can’t wear, are the one with lambswool, my favorite ones are with 80% angora and 20% acrylic, not a scratch or sneeze anywhere. Also I have just found a shop on line that does 100% angora sweaters…..got to have one!!! http://www.angoraknitforyou.com
    Hope that helps

  • Jen

    Rachelle, Are you still a Claritin user? I’m looking for people who use Claritin and have interesting stories.

  • rachelle

    yes, but i think i might be getting immune to it, if that’s possible. i need to see an allergist.. my allergies were out of control this year.. even with clariton daily

  • turbo

    The next time you have a sneezing fit please record it and email it to me. Sneezy women with bad allergies are the hottest!

  • Anonymous

    my email is allergysneezes@yahoo.com


  • Roxy

    just wanted to tell you that I am also allergic to angora and cats. I react the same to an angora blend sweater as I would if I slung a couple of cats over my shoulder. I think this is a pretty common allergy b/c angora has a lot of residual cat-like dander on it (from the bunnies).

  • Joshua

    I’m allergic to clarityn