Jess’s First Tooth!

November 19th, 2003 · 7 Comments

Jessica's First Tooth
Jessica’s First Tooth!, Oak Creek, WI (Photo by Richard)

This is where I was starting to write something about the Tupac Shakur documentary that Mark & I just saw. .. but then I got this late breaking news that Jess cut her first tooth!!!! I can’t believe how big she’s getting. It makes me sad that I’m missing everything. When I saw her she was soo little and couldn’t do anything except pee, poop, cry and drink a bottle.

Update: The Tupac documentary, Tupac Resurrected, was good. The entire film, 2 full hours, is narrated by Tupac which is eerie because he’s been dead for something like 8 years. On the way home Billy played my favorite Tupac song, Shorty Wanna Be a Thug, for me. My cat is named after this song.

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  • tien

    i wish i had my first toof. congrats to her.

    and is what jess did when she was younger that much different than what adults do? i pretty much only pee, poop, cry, and drink a bottle.

  • mom

    oh how sweet. Makes me sad too, but these tears are “happy” tears. Aren’t babies beautiful? I miss her and I’ve seen her alot but I miss my “little girl” to Rachelle……
    luv, mom

  • Stephanie

    Aww, and ouch, she’s going to be slobbering a bit more then usual!

  • Richard

    i dont think its possible. she’s been slobbering a lot for the past couple of months.

  • Jessica

    I want to pinch those cheeks! Thanks for sending all the pics and videos to Rachelle.. she has finally learned to forward them straight on to me :)

    Congrats on the tooth Jess!

  • NG

    It’s crazy how fast they grow! And she’s such a good baby – so laid back. I hope she hasn’t been too crabby cutting the tooth. That’s gotta hurt.

  • Richard

    wow! my cat was named after that song too!!