Street Writing is Back!

The Street Writing project is now back up at this catchy new URL: A great big, enormous thanks to Peter Luttrell, a FOAF, at 3jane out in LA. Peter has graciously offered to sponsor & host the Street Writing project for me, has given me lots of support and advice and has helped me set everything up on his server and with my current ISP over the past few days. Couldn’t have done it without him. So go to 3janeHosting with all of your hosting needs!

Thanks also to everyone else who has emailed or commented with words of advice for hosting solutions and for support of the Street Writing project. It really means a lot. Total strangers offering to host the project because they like it so much. Awesome!

PS. I just bought a new pair of shoes yesterday.. look for them to make their appearance soon!

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4 thoughts on “Street Writing is Back!

  1. new shoes?!? uh oh…how will we keep track of all your shoes? will your ug boots also make an appearance?

    good to hear that street writing is back!

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