Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride in Central Park

November 5th, 2003 · 25 Comments

Our Horse, Central Park, Manhattan

Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride in Central Park
Our Driver & Horse, Central Park, Manhattan

Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride in Central Park
Central Park, Manhattan

Central Park, Manhattan

Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride in Central Park
Mom & Dad, Central Park, Manhattan

Mom, Dad & Rachelle, Central Park, Manhattan

Central Park, Manhattan

On Monday after breakfast & before my parents caught a cab to go to the airport, we went on a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park. The park was gorgeous. Bright sun, warm temperature, and colorful foliage. I have plenty more photos of Central Park from this weekend, I just need to get through them all. Expect more photos soon.

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  • dad bowden

    Thank you, Rachelle for one of the most enjoyable Vacations.
    The Halloween Parade,and costume making night.
    The dinners with your friends.
    And the support at the marathon, of your friends and the people of New York City.
    And the walk threw Centeral park investagating
    writings on the walls and railings.
    And the changing of the leaves.
    Thank you
    Love Dad

  • Richard

    wow, who knew that dad was a poet?

  • Kelly

    That’s neat. I’ve always wanted to go on a carriage ride! Poets are neat. That’s a great pic of your parents too!

  • Lucile

    I met a few weeks ago somebody called Bryan Northam who works on the park, I unfortunately have lost his phone number and I am a French citizen so it does not help. If ever you know him please give him my e mail address
    Thank you

  • b.a.

    horse drawn carriages are beautiful, and i am so glad everyone had fun here in new york. there’s no other place like it, and your pictures, which i came across accidentally, made me smile.

    however, please think for a moment before taking a ride again. these horses are abused, often beaten (i have witnessed it, to my horror), hit by cars, spooked, pulling carriages in oppressive heat and freezing cold, with inexperienced drivers, left in filth in un-kept stables, and made to pound the streets in traffic most people are afraid to drive in.

    please join me in helping these horses who gave us such beautiful pictures, memories and experiences, by boycotting the rides in the future.

  • anita mcgill

    i am the owner of the horse& carriage in those photos,and i can first hand tell you,we love our horses,and the business we have with them.The industry is well regulated,and we are a licensed business,its not fair to slander honest working people and their horses. Police horses share the city with us,and we all love our ”Urban horses”.

  • horseowner

    I am the proud owner of this exact horse & carriage photographed,and want to tell you 1st hand,these horses are extremly well loved and cared for my their owners and drivers.We are a licensed regulated business,and give joy to people who love our service. Its very unfair to slander working people who happen to love working with their ”urban companions”!

  • Sarah wren

    The rides are great the horses are the best and
    i think that was one of the magical moments of my life thats for and special at night

  • jasmine

    some drivers really care for their horses, but others don’t. these horses are forced to work in hard conditions. the city is no place for a horse, especially a draft horse! these horses need better shelter and more space. they shouldn’t be worked in freezing cold or scorching hot conditions. the steets are also hard on a horse’s hooves. people need to realize these horses are living animals and should be treated fair. I reapeat the CITY IS NO PLACE FOR A HORSE!
    horses and traffic do not mix. please take time to support those who cannot speak for themselves.


  • horselady

    i’m sorry jasmine,is so negative about our horses,if she only knew how well cared for they are,and deeply loved by their owners and drivers,her opinion would change.Alot of time and effort to obtain a suitable horse for city life.The Mounted police horses seem to enjoy standing right in the middle of Times Square every day and night.Horses are animals of habit,and some adjust ,and some don’t,only the best stays. The majority of people love our horses,and it shows,as business grows every year,and a rate increase is well on its way,with the City’s Blessing,as the City,appreciates our landmark tradition.The aspca and health department,are on very good terms with all the city stables,and are in constant contact with us,and they don’t seem to have any problems,which we are very proud of.We are licensed,inspected and are well up to the City standards,business keeps increasing,and more drivers are getting their licenses every year,updated new fancier carriages are coming out more and more,Weddings,Hayrides,and film/tv work,are utilizing us too,so we are expanding,our horizons,by satisfied people who love our horses,as much as us!

  • Nina

    Our family is planning a trip to NYC and the kids have always wanted to go for a ride in the carriges in central park. Our friend told us that the horses were being abused, and we certainly will not contribute to this. Please help me find some accurate information so we can make an informed decision. How can we find a driver that loves his/her horse? Is there any resourses you know of?

  • nick

    very nice. If you saw where they housed those horses, I wonder if you would still feel the same. those poor animals do not deserve the lives that are forced upon them. have you ever seen what happens when a horse slips on wet pavement? these animals have instinct to roam on grass fields then they are expecte to navigate asphalt streets with metal shoes just so that people like you will hear the clicky clack of their feet on the pavement. you are just promoting more cruelty to these animals. next time you are in the city take a stroll to the stables where they live of the west side highway and folloow them on the route they have to take just to get to the park. the stress alone of that journey kills many horses.


  • Edwin

    Nick, WTF! *sighs* I don’t even really know what to say to that.

  • horselady

    poor nick

  • horselady

    As a owner of 8 horse drawn carriages,and a major owner of the largest fleet,and a stable building owner too,”nick” ,must have a wild imagination,of what he wants to see.1st of all,all 5 Carriage horse stables are licensed by the Dept of Health,so monthly inspections are mandatory,by a licensed qualified Vet,there are monthy inspections done at random by the aspca,not to also mention all the street inspections,done by both agencies,which have a wonderful relationship with the drivers and owners.There is also,2 Mounted police horse stables and 1 riding academy in manhattan,that use the very same streets the carriage horses do,and wear the same type shoes,which actually protects their hooves,from the pavement,so there is some more education for ”nick”,too.Our industry,is getting more busy every yr,which is a great sign,that most people are supporting the horses,and the pure enjoyment,they bring.

  • amy

    hello i was wondering how i could get a job as a horse-drawn carriage driver

  • horselady

    If you wanta beautiful job,driving a horse& carriage,please contact the NYC Dept of Health,they will give you the instructions on when the training courses are ,and when to register.

  • snoop

    hi, i was wondering aroudn what date do they stop the horse cariage runs??. would dec 14th be too late?? and also lets say i want a horse at atound 11:00 P.M., can i be gaureented one?, or can i reserve one??

  • Anita

    thats fine,they the night shift is out till at least 1am,during the holidays,enjoy!

  • Anita

    oh yeah,there are no reservations for a just a regular ride in Central Park,however if yu wanted a real fancy White Glass Enclosed Coach,with 2 White Horses,have a look at ,and make your selection,

  • zizi

    After still another fatal incident on Jan 2, 2006,for a poor carriage horse in the concrete jungle, does anyone still have doubts that this is bad news for horses? Over the years, there have been numerous fatalities for these gentle giants, and serious injuries to people. These animals deserve better than to be dragging overloaded carriages in the extremes of all sorts of weather and guzzling fumes on traffic snarled streets! What price do these animals have to pay for your pleasure and entertainment? When does the public final get it?

  • zizi

    Jan 7 2006


    Animal-control authorities slapped hansom-cab drivers and horse and stable
    owners with violations ranging from poor animal treatment to erratic driving
    an average of once every five days last year.
    Officials with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    said the 76 summonses issued by the organization — one of three to oversee
    the industry — highlight the challenges of handling horses on frenetic
    Manhattan streets.
    The task was underscored on Monday by a hansom-cab crash that left carriage
    driver Carmelo Vargas hospitalized in critical condition and forced
    veterinarians to put down the horse.
    “Horses and traffic are an accident waiting to happen, and when one does,
    it’s horrific,” said Edward Sayres, president of the ASPCA, which is lobbying to
    restrict the carriage rides and stables to Central Park.
    “At some point, the horses will be confined to Central Park, because the
    program cannot function in high-traffic zones,” Sayres added. “We’d like to see
    that day come sooner or later.” (snip)…

    In the most recent accident, the horse became spooked while pulling a
    carriage to a West Side stable and galloped six blocks before colliding with a car —
    breaking its leg and sending the carriage driver flying.
    Carriage drivers insist the regulations should remain as is — with horses
    permitted to pull carriages in the park or on adjacent streets between 10 a.m.
    and 9 p.m.
    Drivers chalked up the crash to inexperience…
    “You need a certain amount of experience driving horses, and if you put a
    complete novice out there, you’re asking for problems,” said one driver who
    spoke on condition of anonymity. (snip)…
    Last year, two horses ran loose in traffic after a driver hit their coach. In
    2003, two cabs carrying passengers toppled after their horses bolted.

  • Anita

    In reguards to the NYC Horse& Carriage accident,there were no laws broken,no summons issued.The Driver was in his right ,to be travelling back to the stable,empty,at 9;45pm.This is not a ‘neglect’ case,it was a extremly rare accident.If this was a police horse,it would be just as tragic,as that horse,has no less a value than a Draft horse.We share the same streets as the police horses,its very clear,urban horses are not,abused horses,to blame the carriage horse industry,is not right,or fair.The Carriage horse business,is quite deep and large,we pay huge property taxes,horses live in several multi million dollar stables,varied in different locations,we employ drivers,blacksmiths,wheel wrights,engineers,harness makers,and insurances,we are a legal respected business,and reconized positive,by the aspca,health dept,and police dept.

  • Anita

    please be informed of the facts,they display what peta is really about,

  • Anita

    The horse on your website is mine,Bruno,a rescue horse,we saved from the slaughter house,and love him dearly!