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October 26th, 2003 · 12 Comments

The Forgotten NY Tour #14 was between the bridges in Brooklyn. One of our first stops was this building. I think that it used to manufacture terra cotta.

Walking through DUMBO.

Filming started today for a new movie called The Forgotten, starring Julianne Moore, Anthony Edwards, & Gary Sinese. Later on we saw Julianne Moore, but she wasn’t an official part of the tour :)

Looking back on DUMBO as we walk over to Vinegar Hill.

Vinegar Hill

Abandoned building in Vinegar Hill.

Con Ed buildings in Vinegar Hill.

Old house in Vinegar Hill

Harrison Alley is no longer accessible to the public.

Vinegar Hill.

Next we walked past the Brooklyn Navy Yard and through Farragut, the projects.

In June, James Davis, the councilman of Brooklyn’s 35th District was shot dead at City Hall in Lower Manhattan. His brother, Geoffrey, ran for his position. I’m not sure if he won on November 4th.

This strange car was parked at a house near the corner of Duffield & Concord Streets.

Billboard we saw while walking back around to DUMBO.

The Iron Shop on Adams Street. I thought the wrench above the door was cool.

More of The Forgotten movie set.

The Forgotten movie trailers.

Jeannette & Yvan live in DUMBO but I didn’t really know any of its history. I’ve probably walked past this arrow dozens of times but never saw it until today when Kevin pointed it out. It’s a really old one-way sign.

Robert Gair, the inventor of corregated cardboard, built many of the buildings in DUMBO.

Another Robert Gair building in DUMBO.

In DUMBO many old railroad tracks still exist.

Jeannette & I quickly ran up to her apartment to use the restroom. Jeannette brought down Gatoraide juice boxes and passed them out to everyone.

Taking a break at the park under the Manhattan Bridge.

Everyone who was on the Forgotten Tour.

St. Ann’s Warehouse on Water Street.

Tien tries unsuccessfully to run from the camera.

It’s really Sweeny Condominiums on Water St.

Fish & chips from The Chip Shop in Park Slope.

Yesterday, Kevin Walsh conducted Forgotten NY‘s 14th tour, Brooklyn Between the Bridges. Kevin has made it his mission to document things in New York that are forgotten. Things you don’t see every day or things that are remnants from the past. In this tour we visited Vinegar Hill, Farragut, and DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). The tour ended with a walk over the Brooklyn bridge into Manhattan. Since my friends and I all had plans in Brooklyn, we skipped out of the end of the tour to get some ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and some chocolate at Jacques Torres. To top it off, Jess & I went to Park Slope & got fish & chips at The Chip Shop. I’m quite surprised that I didn’t have a heart attack last night after all of that!

The tour was great. Kevin is very knowledgeable about the history of everything New York. I can’t wait to see where the next tour takes us!

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