Dancing in the Park

September 21st, 2003 · 7 Comments

Central Park Dance Skater
Central Park Dance Skating, Central Park, Manhattan

The Skate Circle forms every Saturday, Sunday and Holiday from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. from mid-April through Halloween. The Central Park Dance Skate Association (CPDSA) sets up a sophisticated sound system and plays music for quad and inline dance skaters. This event is free and is supported by the membership of the CPDSA. More..

Movie Clips:
� CPDSA skaters (mov, 812kb)
� Old man on the sidelines dancing with a garbage can (mov, 556kb)

Central Park Tango
Hit & Run Tango, Central Park, Manhattan

From Lucille Krasne: “In l996, deep into my tango passion, I came up with the idea of “hit and run”. Then I realized that the most glorious of outdoor spaces deserved the most glorious of dances.” More..

Central Park Christian Hip Hop Dancers
Dance Group, Central Park, Manhattan

I’m having trouble finding any more information on these dancers. It was a group of kids dressed in red, white, and blue dancing for tips to some kind of techno and hip-hop music. The songs that had words, seemed to have religious lyrics, but I don’t know if they’re a religious dance group.

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  • christian

    The old man dancing with the garbage can is hilarious. I can’t stop watching it, nice work!

  • NG

    OMG yes! the garbage can man is the best! and i absolutely LOVE the first photo you have here – where the very skinny woman is still and everyone else is blurred. amazing shot.

  • tien

    dude is gettin his freak on with the garbage can. gotta love new york.

    in that last picture, i feel bad for the girl that has the PR flag top. she’s got to feel left out.

  • Alaina

    Re: Garbage can man — oh. my. word.

    When you gotta get your freak on…

  • Austin Olsen

    hey you guys are amazing skaters and this is a wonderfull thing that you guys can get together and just have a blast with each other and just talk and screw around. i am a member of a skating team and we actually skated from San Fransico to New York just last summer. we left san fran on july 4th and got to new york on sept.11th. we saw you guys on the net but we didn’t have enough time to visit. we skated for a charity called skate across america. visit our site and leave me a email. skateacrossamerica.com
    email: aolsen@skateacrossamerica.com
    love to hear from you and hope to come see you one day

  • Bopdoo

    This is what makes me miss New York! Very nice, and making me homesick as well…


  • brooklyn head

    like the clothes. and this is why I love ny. so much not because I was born in brooklyn but because I love to go to the dance concerts