I’ve Been Trying to do This for 2 Years!

August 28th, 2003 · 12 Comments

When you search for “rachelle” on Google my site is the first to come up!!! Yes!!!!! I finally beat out that Rachelle Ferrell and Miniature Paintings by Wes & Rachelle Siegrist.

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  • Walt

    I have a long road ahead of me. I am currently the 31st “Walt”. There is some tough competition in my particular category.

  • rachelle

    I remember there was a time when I used to search for my full name and your site, Walt, would outrank my own.

  • tien

    why is “Arts > Animation > Anime > Titles > M > Marmalade Boy” at the top for the category?

    i’m the 4th tien. strangely easy. and a lot of people seem to search for it too. also strange.

  • rachelle

    try to be #1, it’s really not that easy. I’ve been hovering around #2, #3, #4 for years.

  • tien

    i do come up 2nd when searching for “mao’s book” though. but looking for just “mao” doesn’t seem to find me. damn chinese names and history.

  • Richard

    if you search for ‘richard bowden msoe’, my old defunct site is #1

    actually ‘rachelle’ has been #1 for a while. i was going to mention it before, but i forgot.

  • mom

    So Rachelle, what kind of things did you do to get to #1 ? There are 333,000 possible links ! So you’re 1 in 333,000 ! ! That’s pretty good, Hell, that’s GREAT !

  • MikeyC

    I’ve got the #1 ranking for the keyword ‘MikeyC’. However, I’m around #400 for the word ‘zeit’. The neat thing about being #1 is that you’re the “I’m Feeling Lucky” link on Google.

  • petrol

    You’re also hit #1 on search.yahoo.com :D (Good spider, good :)

  • tien

    woo! now i’m the #2 tien.

  • rachelle

    when you’re #1 let me know… :-)

  • Ken Walker

    We’re #1 for Ken Walker and Ken & Sarah Walker…only top 5 for Sarah Walker, though. :)

    Coding your site with web standards definitely helps with this (such as putting “rachelle” in an <h1> tag somewhere). So does using your Google phrase as your name when you post on other people’s blogs. ;-)