Catsitting in Chelsea

August 21st, 2003 · 10 Comments

Doug, Chelsea, Manhattan

Doug & Jenny
Doug & Jenny, Chelsea, Manhattan

For the next week I’ll be house and catsitting in Chelsea for Michelle while she’s away on vacation in Washington (I’m telling you.. it’s a hot destination.. Joel was just there before me, Michelle now, and Eleanor is going soon too!). The cats are making my allergies act up even more than usual, but it’s worth it to have my own place for a week. Plus Chelsea is one of my favorite Manhattan neighborhoods. It’s fun to pretend I live there.

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  • mom

    Hey Shell. That’s what I was thinking ! Cats=Allergies. But, maybe for a short time, it’s worth it ! And they are kinda cute ! !

  • NG

    Cute cats! Skinny compared to mine though! :-) And the names kill me. Doug and Jenny? Like little humans.

    Wow – I think I need to jump on the Seattle band wagon!

  • ChrisM

    Doug the Cat. Look at those eyes!!!!

    Since you’re in Chelsea care to meet at “The Trailer Park” for happy hour? First pitcher of Margaritas on me (bring your friends) !

  • President Bush

    Yes, even I was in Seattle yesterday ! ! Everyone should go there at least once. August is especially beautiful this year.

  • mom

    EXPLAIN THAT LAST POST ! ! ! email address ? ? ?

  • President Bush

    No, “mom”… not com. Stay away from…. Be sure to visit Seattle sometime. Perhaps they have a run you and your husband could do. And, of course, be sure to run past my house when you visit. Cheers!

  • rachelle

    Mom – don’t worry about the “president” post. And don’t go to!!

    I came home tonight because I thought the cats were making my eyes bug out like crazy but then when I looked online it said that our pollen count is very high, 10.8 out of 12. Also it’s ragweed season and ragweed is the #2 thing I’m most allergic to. Cats are #1.. so the combination of the two are making me insane.

  • tien

    insane in the membrane?

    (i couldn’t resist)

  • Sally Sundquist

    What a great way to make a living !!!


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