Seattle Center & Pikes Place Market

August 19th, 2003 · 5 Comments

Space Needle

Experience Music Project

Experience Music Project

Kelly shows me the remote controlled audio selector at the Experience Music Project

Jeff models the “pack” that the remote is attached to.

Guitars at the Experience Music Project

Kelly & Jeff at the Experience Music Project

Experience Music Project

Experience Music Project

Experience Music Project

The Space Needle & Monorail

Sand Castle Sculpting.. we passed by walking from Seattle Center to Pike Place Market

Down by the waterfront

All of the buses run on electric lines

Pikes Place Market


Fresh Herbs

Street Musician

The restaurant where Jeff got a hotdog. This lady’s sunglasses were cracking me up.

Street musicians

Kelly bought their CD

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Seafood

The cutest fish guy in the market

Here’s the seafood market where they throw the fish

The guy in the front throws the fish to one of the guys in the back who catches it, wraps it in newspaper and packages it up for the customer.

Leaving Pike Place Market

View of Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park

One day we spent entirely at Seattle Center and Space Needle and the Experience Music Project (EMP) are.

We didn’t actually go in the Space Needle but we did go to EMP, which I thought was one of the highlights of the trip. Imagine an entire museum dedicated to modern music. And the way that they do it is so technically innovative. Each person gets an electronic “pack” that they sling over their shoulder. Attached to it is a remote control and headphones that allow you to select what you want to hear when going to each exibit. Want to listen to Kiss songs while viewing the Kiss exhibit? Ok. Done. Want to listen to interviews of members of bands from the grunge movement while browsing artifacts? Ok. Done.

I loved the exhibit on music-related poster art entitled “Rock, Paper, Scissors”. Being that the museum is located in the Northwest, they had an excellent exhibit on grunge rock.. how it came about and how it changed things. I remember a quote from an interview with Krist Novoselic .. he said, after admitting that Nirvana was the first band he was ever in, that the rise of Nirvana was like the explosion of the spaceshuttle Columbia. Except he and Dave Grohl made it back down to earth.. and Kurt didn’t. Everything at EMP is just so interactive.. I think that because the subject of the museum is modern music that they were able to break a lot of rules of traditional museums, but traditional museums around the world could also learn a few things from EMP. Oh, and the Gehry designed building is amazing.

Pike Place Market was cool.. but you’ll only want to go for a few hours. After that the crowds of tourists will start to get to you. But you can purchase locally produced products from vendors.. anything from honey to seafood to vegetables to jewelry. And you, of course, get to see the fish being thrown.

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  • NG

    You’ve been posting so many Seattle pics — These are great. I guess a girl can do a lot in 10 days – man, you were busy there!

  • rachelle

    yeh.. we spent a lot of time outside of seattle in the northwestern part of the state.. there’s tons to do. I just have one more post from washington.. then ill be back to nyc.. sorry! :)

  • NG

    don’t be sorry – it’s great! thanks for sharing. they’re all so beautiful!

  • BOB

    hahaha your website SUCK ASS

  • alex

    ive been to seattle twice now in the last year i am 14 years old and of all of the many places i have been seattle and the pikes place market was top two of my favorite places to go i want to have a house there some day!