Ruby Beach at Sunset

August 12th, 2003 · 10 Comments

Forks, like many of the small towns in the peninsula is tiny. Many of the people living there are loggers or are working in shops and restaurants that serve the tourists. There’s not much money in these small towns.

Stopped to eat in Forks, WA.

Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach

Driftwood was piled up all over the shore – near the woods.


Kelly & Jeff

The rocks on the beach were all rounded.

What makes Ruby Beach unique are the sea stacks.

This rock formation had a hole in the center.

Ruby Beach

This other formation had a hole also. It was much bigger than the hole in the other one. Probably about 8 feet tall.

Seagull tracks in the sand.

Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach

Kelly & Jeff spontaneously swing dance.

Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach

After hiking to Marymore Falls and enjoying the sun around Lake Crescent, we headed to the coast to see the ocean and to drive down to our hotel in Ocean Shores for the night. We stopped in Forks to eat at this restaurant.

Stumbling upon Ruby Beach on the Washington coast at sunset was one of the best parts of my entire vacation. It was one of the most beautiful and amazing things I’ve seen in my life.

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  • mom

    Wow Rachelle, Looks like you folks had a wonderful vacation ! I think you should be a professional photographer ! ! !YOU get the most unique shots ! Thanks for sharing !

  • NG

    I love all the rocks! Man, I need a vaca.

  • Jeannette

    I know! I feel all tired after reading your blogs and looking at your photos! Good for you – that’s amazing all that you guys managed to do.

    I agree with your mom – your photos are beautiful! You’ve got a great eye for photography. :)

    Welcome back!!

  • Richard

    Negril, Jamaica had some pretty awesome sunsets. Its on the west side of the island, so every night we got to see the sun set over the ocean.

  • Kelly

    Next time you visit, you’ll see a lot of your photos around our house ;)

  • el

    i went to ruby beach last year…i remember there being tons of starfish in certain areas.

  • rachelle

    I didnt see any starfish at Ruby, but we saw a ton of bright purple and orange ones when we went kayaking off orcas island. i’ll post photos soon!

  • Brian Poulsen

    wow – that’s some really great pictures.

  • caroline

    these are indeed wonderful pictures of God’s art.
    I am going there in about a week, I was curious about how the weather was when you went in August of last year….I hear it can get quite chilly. Also what other parts of washington did you see and what shouldn’t i miss out on?

  • Greg

    I was at Ruby Beach year before last, and I’m thinking about going back this year. It’s a great place. I’d really love to get out to Destruction Island out there. =)