Brooklyn Bridge Park Summer Film Series

July 31st, 2003 · 11 Comments

Brooklyn Bridge Park Summer Film Series
Brooklyn Bridge Park Summer Film Series, DUMBO, Brooklyn

This was the second time I saw Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?. The first time was with Mark and Sarah in La Jolla right after it came out and right before Mark moved to New York. Seeing the movie the second time was definitely better. So funny. And Masako and I kept singing all the songs. I’m not sure how I got the mp3s of them.. from Walt, maybe.. i think.

Jeannette was the only one in our group who hadn’t already seen Oh , Where Art Thou? and, in an attempt to gadge whether she liked it or not, Masako and I kept looking over at her every time there was a really funny part. Jeannette has a really low alcohol tolerance level and didn’t seem to be keeping it in check.. in other words, she just seemed drunk… and like she was staring at the screen thinking, “their mouths are moving… words are coming out.. hmmm.. curious how that’s happening… ”

Unfortunately, it was raining during the movie and it started to come down so hard that they had to turn it off and we had to leave early. It was definitely fun, though. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Summer Film Series goes on for 2 more weeks.. grab 10 friends, some blankets, a couple of pizzas from Grimaldi’s and a bottle of wine, and head over!

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  • anthony

    Hey Rachelle… Long time linker and reader Anthony here!

    I just wanted to say that photograph is beautiful! If you have anymore, please share them! Way to go!

    What kind of camera did you use?


  • rachelle

    Hey, Anthony

    I’ve seen your referral links so don’t think you’ve been competely anonymous! I’m glad that you like the photo. It was taken on my Canon PowerShot S200 (Digital Elph). I had to adjust the levels Photoshop when I got home – it was dark so the Brooklyn Bridge was difficult to see .. and the screen was way to bright. After that I converted it to a doutone.

  • Mark

    It should be noted that in the aforementioned first viewing, I fell asleep. Apologies to Rachizzle and Sarah.

  • tien

    mmm…pizza from grimaldi’s. the best. now i want pizza at 10 in the morning. great.

  • rachelle

    I’m starting to think that outdoor summer film series at the parks around the city (bryant, brooklyn bridge, hudson river, etc) are the new drive in movie theaters.. we don’t have cars.. so we walk over and park our butts on the grass. is this just a NY thing or do other cities have this going on too?

  • brenunda

    In Baltimore there is an outside summer film festival in Little Italy. From what I hear it’s very nice. If it ever stops raining maybe I’ll go tonight to see Life is Beautiful.

  • Larry

    Seattle has an outdoor film series too. It does seem to be the new thing and you get to see movies you haven’t seen in a while.

  • rachelle

    awesome.. glad to hear other cities are doing it too.. it’s so fun!

    i still havent seen life is beautiful.. i’ll have to run to baltimore to see the outdoor screening!

  • cracker

    i am TOTALLY transfering to corp hq’s so i can big pimp in ny

    brooklyn bridge + movies == happy happy fun fun

  • Jeannette

    DUDE – I had a great time! I’m glad I was the subject of your study. I hope I provided much amusement – that’s what I’m here for. I’m a CIRCUS FREAKSHOW. ;)

    And yes, I did enjoy the movie, even if I was looking a little dazed.

  • tien

    an article on drive in movie theaters. they even have one in brooklyn…brooklyn, ohio.