Now With Bling!

July 24th, 2003 · 15 Comments

rachizzle bling

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  • Walt

    *Sniff!* I wish _my_ site had bling. =-)

  • kidcracker

    um, this truly is a post for kid cracker

    can i tell you, the hottest thing to rock these days is an old flava flav clock around your neck


  • P

    Hey –

    I love Greydog Cafe too. Bling’s ok. I’d prefer the dog.

    p.s. You’re cute.

  • tien

    so you going to get the bling in a belt buckle or a necklace? i vote belt buckle!

  • mom

    Explain ~

  • ChrisM

    Rachelle, be careful, dont get in with the wrong crowd. Listen to Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” and you’ll know what I mean.

  • tien

    so maybe it is this post, but seeing the link for the oxford english dictionary makes me think of olde english malt liquor (O.E.).

    and what is this “new york city knish ban” referral? that’s not true is it? can’t be true.

  • rachelle

    if you search for ‘new york city knish ban’ you’ll see my site comes up but only because it’s combining words from several posts. in one i talked about knishes and one i talk about the nyc water ban last year.

  • tien

    yeah, i know…but there isn’t really a ban on knishes, is there?

  • joel

    word up, I knew rachizzle bizzle had the skizzles to pay the bizzles. fo sheezy.


  • Mia

    yeah, i think Rachizzle is better than R-beezy b/c now your name rhymes with everything in hip hop doggy fizzle nation. Take my example here…

    *Ordinary sentences may run similar to this:
    “Certainly, my dear Rachelle. We’ll be right home after we make our way up the block, for sure.”

    *Now, with the new BLING BLING finesse!, you get:
    “Fa shizzle mah dizzle Rachizzle. We’ll bizzle right hizzle after we makizzle our wizzle up the blickizzle, trizzle!”

    Catch my drift? Good choice, Rachizzle.

    Mia (Mizizzle?)

  • rachelle

    wow.. you guys are really good at that! mia is better than snoop himself!

  • Jdawg

    Yo Yo home bizzle, this site sucks the shizzle. i was sittin at home trippin on e, when i came by this site and i was like wooo, this is gay yo. rachelle ur fucked up bre u need to stick ur bling up ass dawg. peace