Jackson Heights, Queens

July 20th, 2003 · 10 Comments

Jewelry Store, Jackson Heights, Queens
Indian Jewelry Store, Jackson Heights, Queens

Sari Shop, Jackson Heights, Queens
Sari Shop, Jackson Heights, Queens

Window shopping in Jackson Heights, Queens, before going to the all-you-can-eat Indian buffet at Jackson Diner and to see the Max Beckmann and Ansel Adams exhibits at MoMA QNS.

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  • tien

    ooh, how were the exhibits? i’ve been meaning to see those.

  • rachelle

    they were good.. especially since we snuck in at the student price. . i was a little disappointed that they didnt have more of ansel adams’ beach photography. i especially like his shot of scripps pier, which i’ve been to many times. on display were some amazing photographs of yosemite and some i especially liked of new mexico.. moonrise being my favorite.

  • tien

    student price? how did you manage that? expired student ids? i have a membership…so that should be even cheaper. actually, i think free. i got into matisse picasso free.

  • rachelle

    bonus points to anyone who can spot a familiar face in one of these photos…..

  • tien

    jeannette in a pink-ish tank-top?

  • rachelle

    You got it.. you win.. um.. nothing!

    I had an expired student ID and Jeannette said she went to NYU and forgot her ID at home. . they let us in for $8.50 each instead of $12.

  • Jeannette

    oh dude! nice catch! i never even noticed that.

    let’s say that an all-you-can-eat indian buffet isn’t the best thing for the tummy. ooog.

    i am going to try to swing that student thing a little more often. i wonder where my old college ID is…

  • tien

    woo!! nothing!! yeah, all you can eat is always tough, let alone all you can eat spicy food.

  • Huey Lewis

    “Across the street, a neon sign,
    All you can eat, dollar ninety-nine.
    ‘Our beef stew, is the baddest in the land’.
    But one dollar’s worth,
    was all that I could stand”!

  • Novinha

    I read about this place in a book and am very interested in visiting it. Could you possibly post more pictures? That would be awesome since its cheaper than a plane ticket! Thanks