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Brooklyn Bridge Park Summer Film Series

July 31st, 2003 · 11 Comments

Brooklyn Bridge Park Summer Film Series
Brooklyn Bridge Park Summer Film Series, DUMBO, Brooklyn

This was the second time I saw Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?. The first time was with Mark and Sarah in La Jolla right after it came out and right before Mark moved to New York. Seeing the movie the second time was definitely better. So funny. And Masako and I kept singing all the songs. I’m not sure how I got the mp3s of them.. from Walt, maybe.. i think.

Jeannette was the only one in our group who hadn’t already seen Oh , Where Art Thou? and, in an attempt to gadge whether she liked it or not, Masako and I kept looking over at her every time there was a really funny part. Jeannette has a really low alcohol tolerance level and didn’t seem to be keeping it in check.. in other words, she just seemed drunk… and like she was staring at the screen thinking, “their mouths are moving… words are coming out.. hmmm.. curious how that’s happening… ”

Unfortunately, it was raining during the movie and it started to come down so hard that they had to turn it off and we had to leave early. It was definitely fun, though. The Brooklyn Bridge Park Summer Film Series goes on for 2 more weeks.. grab 10 friends, some blankets, a couple of pizzas from Grimaldi’s and a bottle of wine, and head over!

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Rockin’ the Suburbs

July 30th, 2003 · 12 Comments

Richard & Amanda's New House
Richard & Amanda’s New House, Oak Creek, WI

Congratulations to my and brother, his wife and their family on the purchase of their first house. It’s located very close to where they live now in Oak Creek, a suburb of Milwaukee and they start moving in this week. Wish I could be there to see it… and hold the baby while they move the heavy boxes! :)

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Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing

July 29th, 2003 · 18 Comments

Chris IsaakOn Sunday I met up with Kristin and Michelle for brunch at The Tomato (I highly recommend the pancakes with caramelized apple, banana & pecans in a butter rum sauce). The song Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing by Chris Isaak came on and we all commented how much we like it. Today, I’ve become somewhat obsessive and have listened to Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing 34 times in a row and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

wasgonnabreakintwo? I didn’t think so.

rachelleb asks: What songs do you love to listen to over and over again?

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