James A. Farley Post Office

June 24th, 2003 · 10 Comments

James A. Farley Post Office

James A. Farley Post Office

James A. Farley Post Office
James A. Farley Post Office, Midtown, Manhattan

On Monday we visited the post office so Lorna could mail a few things back to England. It was a beautiful day so I waited outside and snapped a few photos.The James A. Farley Post Office is the main post office in New York City. There are plans in the works right now to convert the it into a new Penn Station that will rival the beauty and magnificence of Grand Central Terminal.

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  • NG

    And I thought Milwaukee’s post office was huge when I moved here, boy was I off.

  • joel

    YAY! Rachelle’s back! We missed ya

  • rachelle

    aww :)

    nanc – and this is only ONE of our post offices in Manhattan..

  • tien

    we even have post office distribution centers. they dont do anything but sort and distribute mail! no stopping in and getting stamps.

  • el

    yeah, i was beginning to wonder what happened to you, rachelle! :) glad you’re back and that you managed to find some sun this weekend… how dreary.

  • rachelle

    yeh, this weekend was disgusting.. of course monday was nice.. and nice for me since i had off! i was out to grab something for lunch earlier and it was about 800 degrees. not that i’m complaining. yet.

  • tien

    i’m already sick of this heat. when is fall going to be here. better yet, when is the snow coming? i want to go skiing…ho hum.

  • Richard

    It’s been in the 90’s the last two days, but it’s supposed to cool off and be in the 70’s for the next week and a half. Nice weather for when you come visit.

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