First Visits to the Bronx

June 18th, 2003 · 15 Comments

Yankee Stadium at Sunset
Yankee Stadium at Sunset, Bronx

Yesterday I went to the Bronx twice. In the morning for a client meeting and in the evening for a Yankees game. These were my first and my second visits to the Bronx ever. Now I just have to find a reason to go to Staten Island and I’ll have visited all of the boroughs of New York City. (I once took the Staten Island Ferry from Manhattan to Staten Island but I never got off the boat. My reasoning is that I was on the boat and the boat was touching the island, and therefore I have been to Staten Island. Spellacy, who lives on Staten Island, says it doesn’t count unless my feet are actually ON Staten Island.)

Also, here is my submission to the 800 x 600 project. I used Yankee Stadium as my subject matter.

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  • joel

    isn’t it Staten Island?

    or, for my thugs, Shaolin?

  • rachelle

    crap! you’re right! what can i say? it was way early and i was up way late. i swear that half the people who live in manhattan can’t even name all the boroughs, let alone spell them! :)

  • rachelle

    one other thing i was wondering about.. is the bronx officially called “The Bronx” or “Bronx”? No one ever says “Bronx” without the “The”, but I don’t think that’s the official name.

  • el

    i went to staten island once. to the beach. i took a subway to the ferry, the ferry to staten island, and a bus to the beach. by myself.

    wait, that doesn’t make me weird or anything, does it?

  • rachelle

    depends.. was the beach nice? i didnt realize they had actual “beach” there.

  • tien

    here is the info on the name “The Bronx”.

    excellent pictures of yankee stadium. too bad an evil organization plays there.

  • el

    i went to south beach. when i went it was nice bc there was no one else there.

    have you been to roosevelt island? if you haven’t we should go! i’ve never been and we get to take the tram.

  • tien

    i heard that the tram is the only place now that you can buy a subway token. they use them as fares.

  • Paul Katcher

    As a fellow New Yorker and a huge Yankees fan, I was pleased to have found this site through 800×600. Great pictures, indeed.

  • joel

    800×600? eewwww

  • rachelle

    Joel – obviously you’re not taking the bait on all of the “Boston Sucks” stuff..

    Tien – You’re a fountain of information, as always..

    Paul – I’m glad that you like the site.. and the photos!

    El – I was watching a Channel 13 special about the islands of New York City and Roosevelt was one of the featured islands. I thought the tram looked awesome.. we should definately check it out some time!

  • tien

    uh, i dont think i want to look at those rolling stone pictures at any time during the day. i now need to look at pictures of half naked women to justify going to the rolling stone site.

  • joel

    but Boston DOES suck (to a certain extent).

    and I guess those Rolling Stone pictures prove the point that women in print aren’t the only ones succeptable to excessive airbrushing!

    OH NO I DI’IN’T !!!??!?!?

  • rachelle

    his eyes have been photoshopped a little too bright of a shade of blue.. but that’s all i choose to believe was photoshopped. i cant stop looking. my adolecent obsession with justin timberlake has been well documented on this site before. i cant help it. i think i spelled some words wrong. but that’s ok. it’s 1;30 and im drunk and have to get up in a few hours for work.

  • tien

    woo! drunk postings!