Our Insurance is Total Crap

May 19th, 2003 · 6 Comments

“CRAP CRAP CRAP,” I say. I say “crap” because my mom reads this and probably wouldn’t like it if I said “Our insurance is total fucking bullshit”, which it is. Last month I went to the dentist and found out afterwards that I didn’t have dental insurance. So sorry, it was terminated due to a technical error last December and nobody told me. Today I went to the allergist and found out that I have a balance of $130. A deductible that didn’t exist last year, with the same doctor and the same insurance, that has to be met before insurance will pay. Not to mention that we pay $10 copay for every office visit and he has me going to see him every month. Also, $20 for a generic prescription and $30 for a brand name? Are you fucking kidding me? I get 3 prescriptions filled every month! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (I’m posting this as an alternative to screaming at the top of my lungs and freaking my neighbors out right now!!!!!!)

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  • NG

    ALL insurance is total fucking bullshit. Trust me – it ALL is. Not just yours. Humana sucks!

  • kelly

    but…IT jobs in insurance pay really really well! *smile* Sorry!

  • Kelly

    So do jobs in teaching. Cough, spit, hiss. Oh, wait, if I had our school insurance I think at the end of the month I’d owe them money. I’m glad clartin is OTC. Wish everything else was OTC.

  • rachelle

    Kelly J: do you work at an insurance company or are you referring to the job i left? I think I know I was spoiled by the benefits there..

    Kelly G: i dont! then insurance wouldnt pay for anything.. but with the price of my copay it’s pretty much the same as buying everything OTC.

  • petrol

    Losing my insurance helped in that, without it I could not possibly afford to be depressed – bec. I could not afford Celexa (which was actually contributing to instead of alleviating dep., go figure), I was forcibly withdrawn (hellish week or two) from medication. But everything’s copacetic, thankfully, as I go through life feeling things that everybody* goes through everyday. Are things better without meds? Regular exercise, books and talking to friends help. And plus the catharsis that blogging brings about :D

  • Richard

    What do you really think?

    That is pretty steep for prescriptions though. I’m glad the over the counter meds work well enough for me.