Flier Guy

May 14th, 2003 · No Comments

Flier Guy
Flier Guy, West Village, Manhattan

Every time I walk through this intersection this guy is handing out fliers. Every time he tries to give me one. And every time I avert my eyes, I say “no thanks”, and without breaking pace, keep on walking. Every time. Until Saturday. On Saturday my curiosity overcame me. What could be so important that this guy is out there day and night handing out advertisement for it? The location he stands in is high traffic but there’s not a whole lot in the immediate surrounding area that would require his services. So, on Saturday I caved in to the flier guy and took one of his papers. And what is it for? Apparently, Kingdom Tattoo has a side business making the “highest quality” photo I.D.s. Can this be legal? More info on their.. uh. . website.. ?

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