A Night Out, A Charity Walk, and Dogs

May 4th, 2003 · 10 Comments

Andy, Michele & Rachelle
Andy, Michele, Rachelle, East Village, Manhattan

Going out until almost 2 a.m. the night before the big cancer walk probably wasn’t the most responsible thing to do, but Andy and Michele were in town and we really were having a good time at Avenue A Sushi and then hopping around bars and clubs in the East Village.

Revlon Run/Walk for Women
Revlon Run/Walk for Women, Times Square, Manhattan

Saturday morning I jumped out of bed with only a few hours of sleep and met up with Jeannette, Jessica, Yvan and 55,000 other people in Times Square for the 6th Annual Revlon Run/Walk for Women. Nothing like sleep walking 5 kilometers! Just kidding. Jess & I walked and Jeannette ran. Yvan was there for .. uh.. moral support. This was the biggest walk/run for charity that I’ve ever participated in. After the confetti bomb went off, signalling the start of the race, it was a good 15 minutes before we could even move to begin walking. The entire walk was like a huge mob of people invading Central Park. Amazingly, we did bump into a few people that we knew who we hadn’t planned to meet up with and didn’t know were even participating beforehand. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to the cause on my behalf.

May 3, 2003. Revlon Run/Walk for Women. Jessica & Rachelle.

Participating in memory of my Grandma Norder and my Grandma Bowden, both cancer victims.

Jeannette stripping down, getting ready to run.

Pissed Women was the best walking group name. Their shirts said “Pissed Women Kicking Cancer’s Ass!” Second runner up for best group name: Boobs on the Run.

Confetti blast signalling the start of the race.

Finally starting to walk, 15 minutes after the start of the race.

Finally getting to the start line a few minutes later.

Walking through Central Park. The sun finally began to poke through the clouds making it a beautiful day.

Finish Line

Jessica’s photos of the event (free ofoto registration required)

I’m happy to say that I now am in love with the nail salon that screwed us over the other day. Jess & I each got a pedicure and a manicure there Saturday afternoon and they only charged us $15. That place is so affordable it’s rediculous. And so busy. Probably since it was recently written up in Jane Magazine. I don’t know if I should tell you what it’s called.. because then you’re all going to rush in on our new find and make it all impossible to get an appointment and make them think that because of their popularity they can raise the prices! The owner of the salon has this little dirty whitish poodle-ish dog in the salon. I would normally hate a little annoying dog like this, but this one.. she had some ATTITUDE. So funny. She ran around in the salon and out on the sidewalk chasing much bigger dogs and barking like there was no tomorrow. And when she got scolded for it she acted like if she could speak English she would tell the world to “F OFF!”. As I waited for Jess to finish up, this little firecracker and I snuggled up and read some magazines in the warm sun. Afterwards, we ate at Kate’s Joint, a vegetarian restuarant filled with babies and stereotypically wacky East Village characters. Hipsters and hippies. The East Village is oozing with them.

Drew, the 3 legged pitbull from BARC
Drew, BARC, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Freddie from BARC
Freddy, BARC, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Sunday, Eleanor and Jeannette and I volunteered at the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC) through New York Cares. I’d volunteered at BARC, a no-kill shelter, once before – last year. It was there today that I met Drew, an BARCaffectionate 3-legged pitbull with a tendancy to sit down instead of walk, and Freddy, a friendly mutt with a reluctancy to walk away from the shelter. After a few hours of dog walking and a call to Masako, who used to live in Williamsburg, Eleanor & LucyEleanor, Jeannette and I had brunch at Oznnot’s Dish, where I ordered something that reminded me of a a breakfast my mom used to make. She used to take a cup and cut out the center of slices of toast. Then she would fry an egg in the middle. My meal at Oznot’s was good, but not as good as the memory of mom’s, of course. I’m exhausted from this weekend. I think I’m going to nap until Six Feet Under comes on.

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  • e

    thanks again for signing us up for BARC! i really want to go back and do it again, and i hope that our dogs from this time will all be absent from the shelter and at home with their new owners.

  • Mark

    BARC is where we adopted our sociopath cat, Lucy.

  • NG

    Thanks for posting all the pics! I’m glad you had fun with Drew and Michele. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • Jessica

    Definately keep the nail place a secret! We need to keep the prices low and appointments open. I love my sexy toes!

  • rachelle

    That freaking Bloomberg stopwatch kept going off at 3 a.m. last night. I couldn’t figure out how to turn it off so I just kept pressing buttons til it stopped. Finally after about 4 times it quit for good.

  • rachelle

    I just posted a link to Jessica’s photos from the run/walk.

  • Jeannette

    My stopwatch kept going off, too!! That was so annoying, and I couldn’t figure out where that was coming from. Yvan turned it off – he’s much more handy than me. :)

  • George

    Rachelle, I am looking for a Bloomberg stopwatch if you are interested in finding a good home for yours. (My late stopwatch was my son’s favourite toy before its demise.)

  • rachelle

    Sorry, George.. I think I got fed up and threw it away!

  • JK

    Barc is a great shelter. I have worked with many animals adopted from there. http://www.petaholics.com