Christopher Park History Lesson

April 7th, 2003 · 9 Comments

Gay Liberation, Christopher Park
“Gay Liberation”, Christopher Park, Christopher Street

Gay Liberation” is a life-size bronze sculpture by George Segal that depicts two same-sex couples, female and male. In 1991 it was installed in Christopher Park, which is often mistaken for Sheridan Square, a bordering park, because it has a statue of Philip Henry Sheridan in it. Sheridan was a Union calvalry commander and Indian fighter who is best known for saying “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.” Christopher Park is located on Christopher Street, which has the reputation of being the gayest street in New York, dating back to WWII when it provided R&R for gay sailors. You may recognize the Gay Liberation statues from the movie Big Daddy. This is where Adam Sandler teaches the kid to spit. On Sunday the weather was still quite chilly, but it was sunny for a change, so I sat in Christopher Park, people watching and reading.

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  • el

    exploring the neighborhood? :)
    have you been to patisserie claude? w.4 between jones and barrow. the best croissants ever. i get the chocolate ones. yummy.

  • DP

    It would have been more realistic if they had painted all three couples instead of only the one on the left.

  • Brian

    These statues were originally located in Madison, WI before the artist found a home for them in NYC. I remember they caused a stir when first installed in my home town.

    FYI – the Kettle of Fish is a Green Bay Packers bar, located right across the street from these sculptures. Maybe we should put jerseys on them!

  • Richard

    Wow, Packers bars in NYC and San Diego? We must really be America’s Team.

  • Colin

    Awww, that’s my old ‘hood. I miss it. We walked by it with Henry on the way to the dog park..:-(

  • dad

    I remeber that Park or walking passed it thought the statues were neat.
    But I like everyone else thought it was part of the Sheridan Park.Warm weathers on its way
    Up in the high 50 this weekend

  • Spell

    Gay Rock People. Funny.

  • Erica

    I work for a magazine called the Advocate and am looking for a photo of the Christopher Street Sculptures, do you happen to have a high res file of your photo from Christopher Park? We can pay a usage fee.

  • James

    Hey Brian,

    The Kettle of Fish used to called the Lion’s Head.

    It was a bar frequented by writers. I was there the night The Stone Wall was raided working up the courage to go there.

    Needless to say it put this then 21 year old back into the closet. Those were different times.

    PS: I think a packers bar would be more lively than a writer’s bar.