Derek, The Chef

March 21st, 2003 · 2 Comments

March 20, 2003, Derek cooks us dinner at his apartment in Boreum Hill, Brooklyn. Here he’s preparing catfish with crab stuffing.

Some photos by Rachelle, some by Jess.

Everyone’s helping out in the kitchen. Actually, Derek did it all himself while we helped ourselves to wine & appetizers.

Frightening. Chuck & Derek.

Looks like the wine is kicking in. Jessica, Rachelle, Jeannette.

Getting loopy. Rachelle & Jeannette.

And sleepy. Jessica.



We stop for one more drink at the Zombie Hut on the way to the subway.

The fireplace at Zombie Hut.

Jeannette & Jessica.

Jeannette is ready to go home.

Tonight Derek finally made good on his promise to cook for us. It was well worth the wait.. he made his famous fruit platter, layered dip, roasted red potatoes, swedish meatballs, rice, and for the main dish, catfish stuffed with a crab dressing. Top it off with a couple bottles of wine and fruity drinks from the Zombie Hut.. great time. Derek is a really good cook. Also, my first time to Boreum Hill in Brooklyn. It was nice. I’d like to go back when it isn’t raining buckets.

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