Entries from February 28th, 2003

I’m in the money

February 28th, 2003 · 4 Comments

JeepI just received confirmation today that my Jeep, which I haven’t seen since September 2001 and sold in February 2002, was finally paid off as of February 11, 2003! There will always be a soft spot in my heart for her.

Also, I just noticed a mysterious deposit into my account today. At first I thought that work was being extra generous with my paycheck this pay cycle. Then I thought maybe I’d gotten a bonus for the industry award that a website I worked on just received. The most logical explanation, I finally concluded, is that my federal tax rebate was direct deposited into my account and by coincidence it happened on the same day I got paid. If the latter is the case, it was processed unbelievably fast. Whatever the reason for this windfall, I’ll take it!

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Technical Difficulties

February 26th, 2003 · 8 Comments

bear with me here while i continue to edit and configure my Movable Type settings..

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Uh.. Nick, Walt.. bad news…

February 25th, 2003 · Comments Off

Austin is freezing!

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