Old Family Photos

December 8th, 2002 · 2 Comments

Grandma has thousands of photos and over the week we poured over them remembering times long past. We each took a few of her photos as keepsakes.

1945: Grandpa (right) with a friend.

1946: Grandpa (far right) with a friend and a Red Cross worker.

1946: Juanita and Grandma.

1968: My dad, Rick.

Not sure the date on this one. Grandpa, Grandma, Rick.

1975: My mom, Mary, pregnant with me.

1976: Me with my plastic pants.

1976: Me playing dress up with dad. Look how skinny his legs are! Ew!

Christmas 1976: Me opening presents.

Christmas 1976: Grandpa.

Christmas 1976: Me.

1977: Me and Donald. Donald is still in my bedroom today.

1984: Grandma visits WI, our house on Pine St. in New London. Rachelle, Grandma, Richard.

1985: Family vacation to Orlando. Grandma and Richard.

1985: Family vacation to Orlando. The oranges weren’t ripe so me, Richard, and Lisa held up ripe, store-bought oranges to the tree for this photo.

1985: Family vacation to Orlando. Rick, Richard, Rachelle, Mary.

Dont know when exactly this is. Mid 80s. Mom and Dad.

1985: Sabrina, Richard, Rachelle, DJ.

1985: Sabrina, Dawn, Richard, Rachelle, Anna, DJ.

1985: Richard, Molly, Rachelle. Nice flip-flops. And notice how I’m giving the camera The Finger.

1986: Richard, Bill, Stephanie, Erica, Bethany, Rachelle, Kacey, Amanda.

1987: Richard.

1990: Doug, Richard, DJ, Rick.

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