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Ladies of the East Wing
Jeannie, Danielle, Thea, Rachelle

Jeannie, Nick, Derek, Rachelle
Jeannie, Nick, Derek, Rachelle

Cute Quote of the Day:
Overheard on 34th/Broadway across from Macy’s.
Little girl to her dad: "Daddy, do you like Santa Claus?"
Dad to little girl: "Yeh, he’s always been good to me!"

Geek Quote of the Day
Standing at the concession stand at the movie theater.
Rachelle : "Nick, do you want something to drink?"
Nick: "If Coke, else Water" (shouldn’t there be a Then
in there!?)

Harry Potter rules!

I got reacquainted with this thing called rain on my umbrellaless
walk home in a downpour last night.

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