We Finally Got to Fat Rice

March 26th, 2015

The namesake, Arroz Gordo, lit.: “substantial rice” is the celebratory dish of Macau. Reminiscent of paella, Arroz Gordo is a bountiful, home-style, layered rice dish usually prepared for family and friends on special occasions. Jasmine rice laced with sofrito, chinese sausage, salted duck and topped with portuguese chicken thighs, char sui pork, linguiça sausage, fatty prawns, clams, tea eggs, croutons, assorted pickles and sauces

Fat Rice is now 1. open for brunch/lunch and 2. takes limited reservations. Two reasons we have tried and failed in the past to visit.

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S0 4nN0y1N’

March 25th, 2015


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Oh Myyy! – There Goes The Internet by George Takei

March 24th, 2015

finished 03.24.15

This wasn’t the greatest, wasn’t the worst, but after my last book I just wanted something light. This fit the bill. George Takei has become a big presence on social media and has reached so many people who do not know him from Star Trek. This was an interesting read on his experiences on social media and how he rose to fame there.

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