Bow & Stern Oyster Bar

July 19th, 2014


Went to check this place out recently with Adam and Christine. It’s where Branch 27 used to be and I always wanted to go there but never did! Bow & Stern has great oysters. And 12 different varieties on the menu! I don’t know if I’ve even had oysters since before I was pregnant, so they tasted extra good. The other food was pretty hit and miss.

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Dole Mansion

July 18th, 2014


Back in April, I got Makai’s 6-month photos taken here at Dole Mansion. The estate has an interesting history of the Dole family having a super lavish lifestyle. There’s even rumor of a Dole ghost! The property now is home to a bunch of artists studios and this is where Alicia Wehby, our photographer, is based from.

As a side note, we loved Alicia and the photos she took and would highly recommend her!

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Game of Phones

July 17th, 2014


A while back…. ok, a LONG while back, just before we went to Hawaii (!!!!)…. I went and saw Game of Phones. Alden was on the writing team, so I went to check it out at the Second City theater with Jess and Chris and Sara. It was really good! Funny. And not like one long story, but more like quick bits on pop culture, and especially on our relationship with technology. Afterwards we had some drinks with the cast and crew and I liked hearing the kind of behind-the-scenes stuff from Alden. How they wrote, how they decided what to write, what made it into the show, how they casted, etc. So interesting.

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